GUEST POST: Donnay Clancy from The Noise Cartel – 2018 in Review


Not only is Donnay Clancy, publicist at The Noise Cartel, one of the friendliest (and most patient with us!) going, she also sends us great music from Century Media and Sumerian Records (amongst other labels), including acts such as Asking Alexandria, and Ghost Cult favourites At The Gates, and Between The Buried And Me. She also, as you will see, continues the theme of the UK’s metal PR people have THE best taste in music…Continue reading

MSRY – Safety First

MSRY is the band that felt like the hardcore classification simply wasn’t enough, so they branded themselves as Miserable Hardcore. I first misread that as “melodic hardcore” but melody is in short supply on their self-released Safety First EP. Misery, however, is available in spades and that’s without mentioning the surplus of rage. And how does a power trio sans bassist work up such ugly emotions? By taking a look at the world at large, of course.Continue reading