ALBUM REVIEW: Persefone – metanoia

Persefone’s metanoia (Napalm Records) opens and it feels as if I’m watching an Andrew Lloyd Weber Broadway musical. Metanoia is atmospheric and grandiose; one would expect nothing less from Persefone. ‘Katabasis’ explodes onto the listener with a bombastic array of seventies progressive rock and psychedelia feel. Marc Martins Pia has shades of Yaz and Freddy Mercury on the opening track juxtaposed with the guttural vocalizations of death metal. The guitar work of Carlos Lozano Quintanilla and Filipe Baldaia are a wild mixture of mathematical genius, LSD, and a plethora of thirty-second note runs. ‘Katabasis’ can be an intense listen.

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The Moon And The Nightspirit – Metanoia

The relationship between Metal and Folk has allowed for continuing crossover and in terms of imagery, tone and aesthetic they are often intrinsically linked together. There are of course there are the purely bombastic Folk Metal bands that often invoke a booze culture, but there are also the likes of Wardruna, who offer authentic pagan folk instrumentation and scope yet still prove unquestionably rooted in the metal fraternity. Continue reading