Mike IX Williams Of EyeHateGod Needs A Liver Transplant, Launches Crowfunding Campaign

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Mike IX Williams, by Meg Loyal Photography

Mike IX Willliams, sludge metal frontman, author, and legend of such bands as EyeHateGod, Corrections House, and Arson Anthem needs a liver transplant to save his life. His wife has launched a YouCaring account to collect monies for medical care.Continue reading

Krieg Signs With Profound Lore, Plot New Album – Guilt For 2016

Krieg, by Hillarie Jason

Krieg, by Hillarie Jason

USBM leaders Krieg, fronted by Neill Jameson have signed with Profound Lore Records for their new album entitled Guilt, due later in 2016. In an exclusive interview with Ghost Cult, Jameson told Hillarie Jason about signing their new deal, another release long in the works, and the process of writing the new full length:


On signing their new deal:

Jef Whitehead brought up that we were about to be released from our Candlelight contract to Chris Bruni and it went from there. I’ve had contact with Chris since he wrote for Metal Maniacs and I’m a big fan of some of the bands on his label, and also just how he has built an empire with his own two hands in the image of exactly how he wants it to go. I look forward to causing the label to lose a lot of money and respect worldwide with this next record.”


Concerning a long in the works split release with Integrity:

...The split’s been recorded for about a year and is the best song we’ve ever recorded and the general basis for the next record so they tie in nicely with each other.”


On the forthcoming album:

Yeah, we’re going to get together to start putting it together after the new year. There’s been less time between the two so I imagine there’s going to be more similarities between those two than there was between Isolationist and Transient. But I’m more inspired this time around by hardcore and crust than even the last one so there’s probably going to be a strong emphasis on that, without the shitty tough guy posturing.”

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