ALBUM REVIEW: Nighthawk – Prowler


Nighthawk’s Prowler (Mighty Music) is a fun romp through some good old-fashioned rock and roll. Prowler has the feel of a classic album while being firmly new. Bjorn “Speed” Strid’s (Soilwork, At The Movies) vocals are immaculate, the guitars are blistering, and the riffs are “classic”. ‘Running Wild’ is the second track on the album and it takes me back to the gritty eighties. It evokes black Trans Ams being driven by fluffy-haired gents with sweet ‘taches. ‘Running Wild’ has a distinct sound that blends elements of hard rock and blues rock. The song has a great keyboard riff and melodic, storytelling lyrics. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: 8 Kalacas – Fronteras

From the opening shred and bombastic drumming, the listener knows 8 Kalacas’ Fronteras (Atomic Fire Records) is going to be epic. If you aren’t familiar with the 8 Kalacas, be prepared. It’s not straight up punk or metal. The songs veer stunningly off the tracks with the insertion of a ska sound that immediately puts one in the mind of the old Batman and Robin television series with Adam West and Burt Ward. The album is frenetic, wild, and just plain fun! Fronteras is part ska, part punk, part metal, part schlock, and all amazing. If you are a fan of Russkaja, then 8 Kalacas is your band. It’s like that, but in Spanish. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Bad Omens – The Death Of Peace Of Mind

Since the debacle over “the tour poster,” Bad Omens have been working their way back into the hearts of metal and rock fans alike by releasing some truly ambitious music. The Death of Peace of Mind (Sumerian Records) continues this on in spades.

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Adelitas Way – Getaway

Adelitas Way - Getaway album cover 2016 ghostcultmag

Adelitas Way has always been an above average band. Solid albums, big shows, and a few high-profile hits (WWE/NFL/TV shows) to build houses on and get some occasional bottle service at the club now and then. Live is where the band has thrived, playing big tours and festivals, often upstaging their peers. They have always had the big hooks and catchy songs, no problem. I had always felt what was holding the band back from being truly great was that their albums didn’t sound “live enough”. The best rock albums have a loose feel with big sounding driving tunes. Adelitas Way may finally have hit this 1-2 combo correctly with their new album Getaway (The Vegas Syn/The Fuel Music).

From the sway of the of lead single ‘Bad Reputation’, there is a breezy quality along with the bad boy brooding that you can feel. Always a band to bring monster chorus parts, Getaway has plenty of ear-worm moments. But what it does best musically is sizzle like bacon in bridges and pre-chorus parts that builds the tension. The title track is badass little declaration. Singer Rick DeJesus could basically sing the phone book and it would rule, but seems out to prove something on this one. ‘The Good Die Young’ is one of their best songs to date. A hard rock anthem that is powerful, bluesy, and deep all at once. ‘Low’ has as another good groove and a hummable melody made for summer time.

‘Put You In Place’ has a great bunch of riffs. Robert Zakaryan doesn’t get mentioned often enough with the big name riffers, but this guy has the chops. ‘Filthy Heart’ is another rager. It’s been out for about year since it was the best track on the Deserve This EP, along with a few other tunes that popped up on this album too.

Some tracks go a bit flat-out alt rock on us, but it’s a fine line for the band who sometimes would rather jangle more than crush, guitar-wise. Overall Getaway is the most satisfying album the band has made. Props to the band for their perseverance with the material and Johnny K for working that magic on the tracks.



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