Ehnahre – The Marrow

Let’s be honest – for all its talk of “extremes”, Metal is largely a pretty conservative genre. Few bands experiment beyond the controlled combination of rigorously defined subgenres, and even those who do truly push the boundaries are normally content to do so only once. Ehnahre – formed with the stated intention of creating the most horrible and perverse music imaginable – have been a dedicated exception to this rule from the beginning, to the extent that they frequently don’t sound like a Metal band at all.Continue reading

When The Stars Align – An Interview With Strangers By Starlight

Strangers By StarlightStrangers By Starlight is the avant-garde pairing of Anthony Saggers (Stray Ghost) and Eugine S. Robinson (Oxbow). Two unique musicians who, in a testament to the global nature of the modern world, have overcome geographical boundaries to create a truly unique album. A combination of dark jazz, ambient electroniscs, distinctive vocals and noir lyrics is what makes Chalk White Nights (Bad Paintings) such a stunning listening experience. Sean M. Palfrey caught up with Saggers and Robinson to discuss the ins and outs of this musical collaboration.Continue reading