The Ongoing Crvsade (Part II) – ATF Sinner of Hate



Adam Buszko is also known as ATF Sinner, leader and founding member of Polish wrecking crew Hate, and he disarms from the outset with his charm, sincerity and good humour, discussing with Ghost Cult new album Crvsade:Zero (Napalm), their lyrical concepts and their place in the respected Polish scene.


“The title, Crvsade:Zero, is about the condition of humanity and its road to self-annihilation. The collective effort of humanity is going to be annulled due to the human inability to collaborate and live in peace, an inability to learn from past generations, past experiences. Humanity has just made the same mistakes over and over again, and it’s going to lead this race to its ruin. That’s how I look at it.”

“It’s not a positive message.”

“We have a tendency for conflict that results in wars (and) we have a seeming inability to live without war. Religion, meanwhile, is just a comfortable illusion. It too brings a lot of horror, a lot of conflict. Bizarrely the première of the video for ‘Valley of Darkness’ occurred on the very day of the Paris massacres – here I had a video with religious icons and symbols burning, whilst on the TV I’m watching this shit in Paris unfold. It was weird, very strange, and sent chills down my spine.”


The Polish scene is so healthy at present, seeming to breed bands full of hostile sounds and built for longevity: Behemoth, Vader, Trauma, Azerath, Decapitated, as well as Hate themselves. The possible reasons for this are complex and yet, Adam believes, rooted in the nation’s past.

“It’s a difficult one to answer, but I’ve tried to analyse it. It’s a cultural phenomenon for sure, and one for the sociologists really, but my own interpretation is that Poland has a really nasty history. The nation’s new generation bears the wounds of previous generations – we still talk about the fucking war all the time, with many modern Polish films featuring the war and its atrocities.”

“There’s subsequently a seriousness, a darkness, in Polish music, so that when rebellious teenagers begin to play metal it must be ferocious, it must be aggressive, twisted in a way. I think Vader started that avalanche, being the first band from behind the Iron Curtain that made their name in the West. When they signed to Earache in the 80s they showed that you could make it abroad, and it was really inspiring for us and many other bands.”


It’s this passion and emotion that still burns bright in Adam’s heart, and the desire to innovate is never far away.

“We’re going to be trying hard to develop the band as much as possible in the future. I have a refreshed energy, and artistically we’re finding common language so I think we’ll be working on our next album very soon.”

“This time, however, it should be something more revolutionary and adventurous. This is what I’d like to do with this line-up of grown-up musicians who are determined, focused on what they do.”

“I can’t wait to be back on tour again. We first accompany Vader around Europe, with four shows in the UK and one in Ireland. Then we travel around with the Hatefest festival, whose name I really like, around Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We hope to do Scandinavia, Greece and Turkey later in the year, so we’re pretty busy. It’s high time to get out there and play this new music to the crowds.”

“I actually see big potential now, and what we’ll be trying to do is push it further beyond the limits. Personally I would like to try and get inspiration from traditional Polish music, poems and lyrics, using the old village, tribal style and rhythms rather than the more well-known material (which is) something that no-one in the metal bands here has really done.”

“I have some clear ideas and have actually recorded some material. It’ll be a good direction to follow.”


For someone who has been creating music for so long, and who has suffered such pain, such desire to re-create and the lack of fear in crossing boundaries is nothing short of inspiring in itself. The new chapter of Hate promises to be an intriguing, enthralling one, but for now, we revel in the evil misery of the present.


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The Ongoing Crvsade – ATF Sinner from Hate


Adam Buszko is also known as ATF Sinner, leader and founding member of Polish wrecking crew Hate, and he disarms from the outset with his charm, sincerity and good humour, discussing with Ghost Cult, their comeback from appalling tragedy, their pounding new album Crvsade:Zero (Napalm) and the band’s silver jubilee.


“The main purpose in creating the album was to open a new chapter in our biography after the tragedy in 2013, when our then-bass player Mortifier died on our tour bus after suffering a cardiac arrest.”

“Our previous drummer Hexen, who left the band a year ago, departed due to the effects of this, or that’s how I perceive it, so with two new members this is a new opening for us. We needed to rebuild, to find new people and make the phenomenon work again.”

“Working on these songs, I really wanted to cope with all the bad emotions that had gathered for a long time. It was a kind of therapy for everybody actually, working on the album and playing a few shows in the period that followed the tragedy. I’m pretty sure it influenced us as individuals, as well as the band as a whole and also the music – I can’t precisely say how as I’m not in a position to judge it for others.”

“We wanted evolution: simply to continue the feel of our previous albums and do songs that, from our point of view, were deep and authentic.”

“But the new material is more emotional for sure, more anguished and stark here and there, and exhibits the enormous shock and pain we were going through at that time.”

“It took time but, now with this album we’re ready, and I can’t wait to be back on tour again.”


In the immediate aftermath of Moritifer‘s death, his wife Aleksandra filled in on bass duties for a number of live shows, while former guitarist Kain has assumed that role more recently. There are no firm plans to permanently enlist another bassist, however.

“For now we’ve decided to remain as a trio, with Kain as a session musician, which suits him. For the new record we brought in Heinrich from the band Vesania, who’s a marvellous guitarist.”

“He was in the studio with us for some time and played around ninety percent of the bass lines you hear on the record. He was a sound engineer on Solarflesh… and has been a friend of the band for many, many years, so it was like asking a family member to join us for the sessions. I think he did a really great job so it proved to be a great decision.”


The addition of former Vader sticksman Pavulon is something of a masterstroke; his powerful blastbeats and double kicks on a number of tracks absolutely stunning.

“I’m really happy he’s with us. He’s an amazing drummer, with a great technique, and I’m amazed by his attitude. When he joined us, I’d already brought some main ideas and five or six songs were already completed. Pavulon really wanted to give something from himself however (so) we worked on details in the rehearsal room and he added a style, a vibe, some arrangements that were particular to him, and he did a great job actually.”

“He did a European tour with us just prior to recording the album, a co-headliner with Kampfar, and just got better and better so I can’t wait for him to be playing on this tour. As a band we’ve been playing together a year now, the machine is becoming more perfect, so we can’t wait to bring the madness!”

“We want to release a DVD this year (to celebrate their 25th anniversary). We got an offer from Metal Mind Productions, who did our last DVD Litanies of Satan in 2004, and we’re hoping to record it around June or July. I’m really looking forward to doing it as I feel it’s an essential release, after such a long time. It is planned to be a full concert, around sixteen songs, filmed by around nine or ten cameras. It will be a pretty serious occasion showing the development of the band over the last five albums.”


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Hate – Crvsade:Zero



Hate. There are some band names that, even if you don’t particularly feel enamoured by the look of the members or the apparent genre their album covers suggest, pure smash you in the face and demand that you give them a chance. The legacy of this revered Polish trio, now augmented by legendary sticksman Pavulon, ensures that avid interest is guaranteed.

The intro to their ninth full-length Crvsade:Zero (Napalm) is downright chilling, evoking the cold, haunted ruins of a trailer to the last Harry Potter film. The ensuing Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Wrath!, with its howling leadplay, is almost Doom-laden in its heavy misery yet, while still punishing with its resonant power, warns little of the savagery to come. ‘Death Liberator’s slow, deliberate pounding is graced by a vocal roar epitomising the most lascivious of demons, creating the fetid atmosphere you’d expect. Despite the deathly feel, however, the initial pace is more portentous, save for the rapid drumming of the inventive Pavulon, the track crawling into the psyche whilst the evil coils around the spinal cord.

The sense of drama is palpable, given added threat by sole surviving founder member Adam the First Sinner‘s beefy rasp and, while speed is injected via the Blackened extremity of ‘Leviathan’, that ominous feel of violent deliberation swells through the body of the track. What’s really surprising is that there’s a healthy dollop of real emotion here too, the otherwise brooding and threatening ‘Valley of Darkness’ allowing Adam to exude his pain-wracked soul with tortured roars and wonderfully emotive leadplay.

A huge production gives the album an added fullness and some may argue it’s too clean as a result, but the terror induced by that throat and the oppressive atmospheres surrounding it ensure there’s serious punch here. The untrammelled onslaught of the title track, displaying the hulking torment of a caged monster; the sinister oppression of ‘Valley…’; and the mashing brutality of ‘Dawn of War’; show everything about that’s delightful about this pummeling brute of an album: it’s ferocious, bloody scary, and hefty to boot. Age doth not weary them…



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