END OF YEAR GUEST POST: Corey Pierce of God Forbid and Disciples Of Verity – Top Albums of 2023

We are still wrapping up all the goodness of 2023 with some fun guest posts from bands, friends, and fiends! Our bro – drummer and producer Corey Pierce of God Forbid and Disciples Of Verity has a lot of plates spinning for 2024 with shows, new music, and more! Check his list of top Albums that came out in 2023. Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Corey Pierce of God Forbid and Disciples of Verity Talks Reunion Shows and Racism in Music

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Corey Pierce of God Forbid and  Disciples of Verity kick-off 2023! We chatted about the God Forbid reunion, the upcoming shows in New Jersey and Massachusetts, how the band reformed, a candid talk about the band’s career, if racism played a part in their ability to “make it,”  his move to Las Vegas from the East Coast, GF on  @lambofgodofficial ‘s Headbanger’s boat cruise, the possibility of more shows, upcoming new music from Disciples of Verity! 

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CONCERT REVIEW: Disciples of Verity – Patterns of Decay – Concrete Dream – Behind the Bullet Live at The Kingsland

With the release of two recent singles ‘Worthy’ and ‘Lying to Myself’ from their forthcoming album, Pragmatic Sanction (InGrooves), Disciples of Verity made their debut at The Kingsland in Brooklyn New York. No cover songs needed here, just what I believe is a set from their entire record. It also marks the return of God Forbid skins-man, Corey Pierce (finally). Every time he hit a cymbal, it felt like the kit was holding on for dear life.

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First Ever East Coast Ride For Dime Concert Goes Down Tomorrow

For the first time ever annual charity event and concert Ride For Dime takes place in New Jersey as The East Coast Tri-State chapter taking place at Starland Ballroom on Saturday, August 26th. Among the bands playing Thy Will Be Done, Silvertomb, Frost Coalition, Black Water Rising, IKILLYA, Alekhine’s Gun, Hammerfight, Lethal Affection, Negative Sky, Common Wealth, Throwdown Syndicate, Kalopsia, Whiskey Time Machine, Palaceburn, Apparition and Enigma Machine. More details below: Continue reading