Riley McShane Guests on the New Brutally Delicious Podcast

Brutally Delicious Podcast, from filmmaker, YouTuber, and metal chef Bruce Moore and co-hosted by Kris Siegers has just released episode 18.  The new guest on the pod is Riley McShane, vocalist of Allegaeon, whose new album Apoptosis is out now on Metal Blade Records. They discussed being on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise, where Riley filled in on vocals for Cattle Decapitation, his side band Continuum, a lesson on guttural vocals and more! Continue reading

Continuum – Designed Obsolescence

Designed Obsolescence (Unique Leader), the latest LP from Technical Death Metal supergroup (we’ll get to that) Continuum has a quite a bit going for it. Continuum hails from the modern death metal hotbed that is California and features former members of acts ranging from Rings of Saturn, Allegaeon, Pathology, Decrepit Birth and more, so you don’t even have to listen to a single note on Designed Obsolescence to know that these dudes can play. Yeah, they can fucking play with technicality and precision that this writer will never grasp.Continue reading

Scour Streaming New “Piles” Single

Scour recently revealed that their new Red EP will be unleashed on November 3rd via Housecore Records. Along with that announcement came the chaotic title track, and now another new song is here for your listening pleasure today. Continue reading

Continuum – The Hypothesis


Based on German mathematician Georg Cantor’s ‘Continuum Hypothesis’ and bridled with expectant technicality,  US death metaller’s Continuum have hardly been reserved and uninspired on their début release, The Hypothesis (Unique Leader). Taking lyrical inspiration from such a complex subject matter (if you want a detailed rundown of this particular hypothesis, you’re going to have to google it this time) is a very bold statement for a band who are clearly looking to stand out.

Their variant of technical death metal is expectedly complicated and initially hard to follow and does show some signs of forward thinking but even still at times proves somewhat familiar. The shifts in tempo and between differing harsh vocal styles bear a striking resemblance to the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder through the album’s majority, whilst the occasional breaks with atmospheric interlude passages do nod towards the more prog leaning counterparts like Fallujah so there is some lack of its own identity.

For the most part it is all done very competently and far from overly complicated for the sake of actual song writing. Production is precise and short, sharper song durations make it all the more digestible until the elephant in the room, the final track, the nine-minutes long ‘Steppes To Ascension’ which brings any momentum they built to a crashing halt. With no deviation it continues on one solitary pace with a jarring guitar riff that repeats throughout, this seems laughable considering the seemingly effortless intricacy the rest of the album shows.

A very promising début that shows all the ability in the world but, in the case of the album’s conclusion, perhaps possessing a fault on the quality filter.



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Performance Video + Music Video: Continuum – Wasps In The History Of The Weak and A Surreal Descent

continuum 2

Bay Area progressive technical death metallers Continuum is streaming a performance play through video for “Wasps In The History Of The Weak,” off of their album The Hypothesis, out now via Unique Leader Records.  The album was captured predominantly by lead guitarist/composer Chase Fraser (Decrepit Birth, Animosity), with additional tracking and mixing by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.) at Castle Ultimate Studios. Watch it below.

Stream the music video for “A Surreal Descent” below.

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Continuum Releasing The Hypothesis April 21st


Bay Area death metallers Continuum will be releasing their debut full length The Hypothesis on April 21, 2015 via Unique Leader Records.

The brain child of lead guitarist/composer Chase Fraser (Decrepit Birth, Animosity), Continuum was forged in 2009 and features the current working lineup of Fraser alongside guitarist Ivan Munguia (Arkaik, Deeds Of Flesh), vocalist Riley McShane (Son Of Aurelius), bassist Nick Willbrand (Flesh Consumed) and drummer Spencer Edwards (Son Of Aurelius). Together the Continuum collective provides a sound that rocks the very foundation of modern death metal.

Recorded mainly by Fraser with additional tracking and mixing by Zack Ohren (Suffocation, Fallujah, All Shall Perish et al.) at Castle Ultimate Studios, The Hypothesis delivers a scathing assemblage of engaging and abrasive compositions steeped conceptually in the mysteries of the infinite and the early but no-less-relevant and unsolved theories of the “continuum hypothesis.” This hypothesis was studied by a number of mathematicians including Georg Cantor in 1878, many of whom committed suicide before reaching a conclusion to the unfathomable question of infinity. This theme is brought to life by the lyrics of Mcshane, the artwork of Raymond Swanland (Deeds of Flesh, Psycroptic, Suffocation), and the mathematical compositions of Fraser.

The Hypothesis Track Listing:
01. Hypothesis: A Profound Discovery
02. The Epiphany
03. Hypothesis: Evolution
04. Absolute Zero
05. The Awakened Creator
06. Wasps In The History Of The Weak
07. Perspective
08. Where The Worlds Were Left
09. A Surreal Descent
10. The Steppes To Ascension

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