CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Slipknot – “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)” Turns 20

The album that would become Slipknot’s third album, and the crucial masterpiece in their history, almost didn’t happen at all. Between the hard-fought success of Iowa (Roadrunner Records), the well-documented interpersonal relationship issues between the nine band members, rising fame and pressure, side bands like Stone Sour, To My Surprise, and Murderdolls, and “off the field issues,” you couldn’t blame this band if they imploded totally around this time. However, overcoming themselves and all of these obstacles; Slipknot’s Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Versus) (a great pun on Salman Rushdie’s controversial book, The Satanic Verses,  is one of their best albums, along with their debut might be their finest hour. It is certainly their biggest hit album on a lot of levels. It yielded six singles and as we like to say on the Glacially Musical podcast (where we reviewed this album), an album has a bunch of singles if it’s selling and the band is doing well on tour. Continue reading

PODCAST: Glacially Musical Pouredcast 105: Slipknot Discography: Pt. 2 “Iowa” – If You’re 555 I’m 666


Arguably the biggest metal band in the world, Slipknot is the subject of our current series.  Episode 2 of 4 picks up the band following the release of their game-changing debut, from Ozzfest side-stage opener to headlining over legends in just a year, followed by the release of their second album, Iowa (Roadrunner Records).

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical Pouredcast 103: Slipknot Discography: Part 1 – From a Larva to a Maggot


Kicking off a new series on arguably the biggest metal band in the world  Slipknot! Episode 1 of 4 takes the band from their formation out of the mire of the Iowa metal and rock scene in the early 1990s, forming the “classic” line-up, working with Ross Robinson signing with Roadrunner Records , comparisons to Mushroomhead, to releasing the the epic debut album in 1999!    

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Slipknot Confirms Identity of Tortilla Man

In a post to social media, Slipknot has confirmed the identity of percussionist Tortilla Man. As widely rumored, and in a story broken by Ghost Cult in 2019 based on reddit sleuthing and a popular YouTuber, Tortilla man is actually multi-instrumentalist Michael Pfaff, of M. Shawn Crahan’s Dirty Little Rabbits band, and The Snacks. Promoting his upcoming Reddit AMA, with Michael holding a handwritten sign in the picture that says: “I Am Michael Pfaff, AMA Wednesday 3/16/22, 2 pm CT”. Tortilla Man joined the band in May of 2019, replacing Chris Fehn, dismissed earlier that year, as the second percussionist in the band. His debut appearance in the band was the video for “Unsainted.”   

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Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit Against Slipknot is Over

Slipknot, by Evil Robb Photography

In a story, we have continued to track since 2019, it appears that former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn has, at last, dropped his series of lawsuits against the band and their manager and settled for an undisclosed, likely large, sum of money. As reported by Metalsucks, new court documents filed in the New York State Supreme Court on October 29, indicate that Fehn has agreed to stop pursuing the suit “without prejudice,” meaning he cannot refile on the same claims. Ghost Cult has followed this story for a year and a half and even had a lawyer analyze the case since we are not lawyers. Continue reading

Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit Against Slipknot Has Gone to Mediation for a Settlement

Slipknot, by Evil Robb Photography

In a story, we have continued to track since 2019, and brand new developing news broken by, lawsuits filed against Slipknot by former percussionist Chris Fehn have finally gone to mediation for a settlement, perhaps telegraphing an end to the legal saga for both parties. In 2003 Slipknot dissolved the original partnership they had before they hit it big with their debut, in favor of a new arrangement giving control of the band to Corey Taylor, M. Shawn Crahan, and their manager Robert short of RSA. Fehn sure the band and both Taylor and Crahan, and he was dismissed from the band. Since we are not lawyers, we consulted with one to get their take on the potential outcome last year. It did not look good for Fehn at the time. Metalsucks has caught up on the most recent events, which we have excerpted below, but you can read the full update at their site at this link:Continue reading

Chris Fehn Hopes to One Day Rejoin Slipknot

Embroiled in a bitter lawsuit against Slipknot and removed from the band earlier in 2019, Chris Fehn wrote on his Instagram yesterday that hopes to rejoin the band someday. His message was an answer to a fan in a post addressing his absence from social media for a good reason, fatherhood. We have been following the case for some time and even had a lawyer review the merits of the lawsuit. Slipknot release their latest album with Fehn on it, We Are Not Your Kind this summer via Roadrunner/Elektra. Continue reading

Update Issued on Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit Against Slipknot

Slipknot, by Evil Robb Photography

According to a published report from The Blast, former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn is asking a judge deny the motion to have his lawsuit against the band tossed out. This is a typical response to an attempt to have a case dismissed and was expected. Slipknot’s business manager Robert Shore recently sought to have Fehn’s case thrown out. In his original lawsuit, Fehn accused Shore of playing a role in cheating him out of his rightful profits from Slipknot, along with chief band stakeholders as of 2003, Corey Taylor and M. Shawn Crahan. Fehn claims that Shore and his company were directly responsible for managing his personal and business finances and he believes they had fiduciary obligations to him. Fehn’s lawyers have asserted Fehn is legally still in the band, while the band has appeared to move on without him. In case you missed it, Ghost Cult sought a real lawyer (because we don’t know shit about this) to examine the case and walk through possible outcomes. Read his feature below. Continue reading

CLASSIC ALBUMS REVISITED: Slipknot’s Debut Album Turns 20

Ah, 1999. A time for ridiculously baggy jeans, wallet chains, and clothes with far too many zips and pockets. A time for silly haircuts, spiked neckbands, black lipstick, and even blacker eyeliner – for both sexes. A time for backwards-facing red caps and hilarious facial piercings. Also a time for many metal fans over the age of forty to think back upon while making vomiting noises and pretending such crimes against metal never actually happened.Continue reading

Slipknot’s Manager Refutes Chris Fehn’s Claims in his Lawsuit

Slipknot, by Evil Robb Photography

In a legal memorandum as part of Slipknot’s attempt to get the lawsuit against them by former percussionist Chris Fehn dismissed, their business manager Rob Shore refutes Fehn’s allegations that claim that he hasn’t been properly compensated for his years of touring with the group. Shore terms the claims made in the lawsuit as “out of proportion to the efforts and undivided interests of the other general partners.”. Ghost Cult broke the news last month, that practically broke the internet, that Slipknot had fired only their second member since 1999 on March 13th, after Joey Jordison. The only other departure from the band since they found mainstream success in 1999 was when co-founder and bassist Paul Gray passed away. Continue reading