ALBUM REVIEW: Druids – Shadow Work


Psych rockers Druids have historically inspired scribes to reach for the thesaurus, turn to the epic, mythic and mystical – words like ‘monumental’, ‘colossal’, ‘ominous’. ‘bludgeon’, ‘pulverise’, ‘rampage’. Now their splendid, accomplished and invigorating new album inspires another word: ‘Family’.

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Evocation – The Shadow Archetype

Originally formed in 1992, Swedish band Evocation didn’t actually last too long the first time around, splitting up just a year or so after their inception with only a couple of demo tapes to their name. However, in 2005, four of the five members responsible for the band’s second demo reunited and eventually released their official début Tales From the Tomb (Cyclone Empire) in 2007.Continue reading