ALBUM REVIEW: Bio-Cancer – Revengeance


Formed in 2010, Athens-based thrashers Bio-Cancer are yet another Greek band intent on turning the home of the Gods into the biggest mosh pit Mount Olympus has ever seen. With two albums under their belts, the five-piece struggled with the pandemic lockdowns a few years ago but are finally ready to rain down lightning from above with their latest album Revengeance (Hammerheart Records).

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Bio-Cancer – Tormenting the Innocent


As my good colleague Dan Swinhoe recently noted in his stellar review of the new Reign of Fury album, it’s easy to have preconceptions about thrash albums based on the cover alone. The artwork for Greek quintet Bio-Cancer is exactly what you’d expect from a latter day thrash outfit; designed by genre stalwart Andrei Bouzikov, luridly coloured, biohazard symbol and a freakish, multi-limbed mutant. So far so Municipal Waste, right? Well you’d be wrong, for Bio-Cancer aren’t here to party; they’re here to rip your fucking head off.

It’s fairly safe to say that Tormenting the Innocent (Candlelight) is one of the most vicious sounding, aggressive thrash albums of all time. If you think this is hyperbole, do yourself a favour and listen to the barbaric, light-speed assault on the senses that is opening track ‘Obligated to Incest’ and if you’re still standing, strap yourself in for a further half-an hour or so of brutal, yet catchy riffs, devastating blast-beats and feral, demonic shrieks courtesy of the band’s ace in the hole; vocalist Lefteris who delivers his lines like Steve Sousa with a piranha forcibly inserted up his backside.

It’s not hard to see why the band has described their sound as “ear-piercing thrash” when tracks such as ‘Boxed Out’ and the ninety-second maelstrom that is ‘Haters Gonna… Suffer!’ are akin to having skewers inserted in your lugholes. But just when you thought you had them figured out, what sounds like an oboe commences ‘F(r)iends or Fiends’ and the band demonstrate just what superbly skilled musicians they are, as lethal melo-death style guitar lines, mature rhythmic interplay between bass and drums and a gloriously exuberant solo blow the roof off.

Deftly welding skull-crushing power with measured songwriting nous, Bio-Cancer are that rarest of things; a thrash band with its own identity. Disgustingly talented, full of beans and proof that being pissed-off can be pretty damn fun; these lads have a future as bright as the glow from a field of toxic waste ahead of them.


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Bio-Cancer Streaming “F(R)Iends Or Fiends” Music Video

bio-cancer tormenting the innocent

Athens-based thrashers Bio-Cancer is streaming their music video for “F(R)Iends Or Fiends,” off their new full length Tormenting the Innocent, out in North America on March 24, 2015 via Candlelight Records, here.

Mixed by Andy Claussen (Destruction, Krisiun), the nine-track Tormenting The Innocent is the first worldwide offering for the young five-piece and follows their 2012 self-released debut Ear Piercing Thrash.

Tormenting The Innocent Track Listing:
01. Obligated To Incest
02. Tormenting The Innocent
03. Bulletproof
04. Boxed Out
05. F(R)Iends Or Fiends
06. Think!
07. Chemical Castration
08. Haters Gonna…Suffer!
09. Life Is Tough (So Am I)