INTERVIEW: Nikki Stringfield Breaks Down Her Solo Album “Apocrypha”

Nikki Stringfield is perhaps best known as the shredding, guitar-wielding mistress of The Iron Maidens and Heaven Below! Last fall Nikki released a solo album “Apocrypha” that is full of bangers, but also illustrates her growth as a songwriter and musician too. We journeyed through each track on the album together and discussed her career so far! Continue reading

PODCAST: Episode 125: Burton C. Bell on Ascension of The Watchers

We caught up with music legend Burton C. Bell (ex Fear Factory) of Ascension of the Watchers for a new podcast, to chat all about his new album Apocrypha (Dissonance Productions). We chatted about the history of the band, the lead up to making this new album, Burton’s songwriting process, how he derives inspiration from film scores and soundtracks, his bandmates Jayce Lewis and John Bechdel (Ministry, Prong), the spiritual side to his lyrics and themes he writes from, the concept of “modern analog” and how it influenced the recording, memories of the late Paul Raven (Killing Joke/Prong), some thoughts on other projects like City of Fire and G/Z/R, and much more. Order the album here, and check out our chat. 

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