PODCAST: Glacially Musical 184: Queen – “Jazz” Album Review – That Contains Zero Actual Jazz

We are doing our seventh (out of nine) episode on Queen! “Jazz” is not Jazzy, but has some all-time great songs on it. And some other songs too!

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0:00 Intro Nik and “Keefy Key Fob”
:57 Beer of The Week ✅ Nik – Divided Sky by 4 Hands Brewing , Keefy – @liquiddeath2793 – Severed Lime
3:08 Vinyl ✅ Nik – Kansas + @deicide + Dragonforce, Keefy – @nofx4441 , Fame Movie Soundtrack
15:31 News ✅ Nik – Ace Frehley , Keefy Artists ( @theblackkeys , @JenniferLopez etc are canceling arena tours in droves, Work visas just went up triple for bands to get into the USA to tour, bands selling their catalogs for a lot of money, Beach Boys doc on Hulu,
28:01 Shirt ✅ Nik – I Like Music, Keefy – Obscene band shirt
29:10 Meat ✅ 1978 – How many good songs are on “Jazz” and why?
1:12:00 ✅ Outro – Please like and subscribe! Tell your friends – we need the help!

This is the “finger fudge pour: