PODCAST: Episode 486 – Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) on His “Marked Cards And Loaded Dice” Album

Steve Austin is a name synonymous with underground metal. Through his three-decade-plus career with Today Is The Day, as well as his countless production credits on albums both genre-defining and extremely heavy, such as Deadguy, Converge, Unsane, former Dead Kennedys vocalist Jello Biafra, and Lamb Of God, Steve continues to help evolve the sound of metal. But through it all, Steve is still evolving himself as an artist too, as evidenced by his new project inspired by Classic Outlaw Country! Steve dropped his first single so far gone and his upcoming full-length album, “Marked Cards And Loaded Dice” has been announced, with more details to follow. Reviews editor Tom Osman is back to interview this legend about this new direction, his first gig in the books, and the myriad of other projects in the works, soon to be revealed.


Check out Steve’s first Oultlaw Country single – “So Far Gone!”


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