PODCAST: Episode #196: Duncan Evans Interviews Jo Quail at ArcTanGent Festival 


Intrepid artist and writer Duncan Evans interviewed the incomparable cellist/avant-garde composer and metaller Jo Quail at the recent ArcTanGent Festival. Jo discussed her recent collaboration with Emma Ruth Rundle and tour, how her solo efforts and shows differ, the new projects she is currently composing and their possible future releases (including one with Maria Franz of Heilung), how she was commissioned by Walter of Roadburn Festival to create the acclaimed work “The Cartographer” and how she still utilizes music theory.


Interview by Duncan Evans (https://www.instagram.com/duncanevansmusic). Hosted and edited by Omar Cordy of OJC Photography (https://www.instagram.com/ojcpics). Theme music by Salted Wounds (https://www.instagram.com/saltedwoundsnyc).


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