NEW MUSIC FRIDAY – New Rock and Metal Releases 10-20-23


What new albums are you excited for this week!?


20 Watt Tombstone – The Chosen Few (Self-Released) (Buy)
Afterbirth – In But Not Of (Willowtip Records) (Buy)
Angelus Apatrida – Aftermath (Century Media Records) (Buy)
Appalooza – The Shining Son (Ripple Music) (Buy)
Archangel – Total Dark Sublime (Scarlet Records) (Buy)
Askesis – Beyond The Fate Of Death (Time To Kill Records) (Buy)
Baring Teeth – The Path Narrows (I, Voidhanger) (Buy)
Blood Lightning – Blood Lightning (Ripple Music) (Buy)
Cirith Ungol – Dark Parade (Metal Blade Records) (Buy)
Cult Burial – Reverie Of The Malignant (Self-Released) (Buy)
Daniele Brusachetto – Bruise A Shadow (Wormholedeath) (Buy)
Dead Times – Dead Times (Thrill Jockey Records) (Buy)
Death Pose – Midnight Society (Brutal Panda Records) (Buy)
Dog Eat Dog – Free Radicals (Metalville Records) (Buy)
Elegy Of Madness – XI (Scarlet Records) (Buy)
Game Over – Hellframes (Scarlet Records) (Buy)
Go Ahead And Die – Unhealthy Mechanisms (Nuclear Blast Records) (Buy)
The Grief – Crucible (Self-Released) (Buy)
Grief Suit – The Rot/The Rotted (Syrup Moose Records) (Buy)
Helgrindur – Helgrindur (MDD Records) (Buy)
Hippie Death Cult – Helichrysum (Heavy Psych Sounds) (Buy)
Hold My Own – My Way EP (Daze Records) (Buy)
Hounskull – The Faces Of Evil (Self-Released) (Buy)
The Iron Roses – The Iron Roses (Iodine Records) (Buy)
Lalu – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (Frontiers srl) (Buy)
L’uomo Nero – Voda Alebo Ohen EP (Desert Records) (Buy)
Lynch Mob – Babylon (Frontiers srl) (Buy)
Marthe – Further In Evil (Southern Lord) (Buy)
Myrkur – Spine (Relapse Records) (Buy)
Night Ranger – 40 Years And A Night With Contemporary Youth Orchestra (Frontiers srl) (Buy)
Noitila – Langennut (Nordvis) (Buy)
Owdwyr – Receptor (Self-Released) (pronounced O’Dwyer) (Buy)
Paul Lidel’s Scream Therapy – Scream Therapy (Perris Records) (Buy)
Plaguestorm – Empty Eyes EP (Noble Demon Records) (Buy)
Putrid Torso – Trails Of Hypnotized Human Veins (Pathologically Explicit Records) (Buy)
Reckless – Sharp Magick Steel (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Rival Sons – Lightbringer (Low Country Sounds/Atlantic Records) (Buy)
Rozario – To The Gods We Swear (Pride & Joy Records) (Buy)
Sangdragon – Hierophant (Wake Up Dead Records) (Buy)
Savage – Glory Riders (Dying Victims Records) (Buy)
Slowburn – Fire Starter (Fighter Records) (Buy)
Solemn Vision – Despite The Rise Of The Sun (Black Lion Records) (Buy)
The Spacelords – Nectar Of The Gods (Tonzonen Records) (Buy)
Steel Rhino – In Rhino We Trust (GMR Records) (Buy)
Stomach – Parasite (Hibernation Release Records) (Buy)
Sylvatica – Cadaver Synod (Mighty Music) (Buy)
Temperance – Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2 (Napalm Records) (Buy)
Trounce – The Seven Crowns + Live At Roadburn (Hummus Records) (Buy)
UFO – Makin’ Moves In Chicago 1981 Re-Release (Cleopatra Records) (Buy)
Unverkalt – A Lump Of Death: A Chaos Of Dead Lovers (Argonauta Records) (Buy)
Vambo – II (Pride & Joy Records) (Buy)
War Curse – Confession (Blacklight Media) (Buy)
Within Temptation – Bleed Out (Force Music) (Buy)


The Usual Suspects:
🎤 Micaela Petersen
💻 Omar Cordy
🎵 Fahad Syed