Metallica Shares Episode 9 of Their Black Album Podcast Series

Metallica has launched their very own all-Metallica Podcast, starting out with eight episodes in a row celebrating The 30th anniversary of The Black Album. Listen to Episode 9 here, a bonus episode featuring fans, and follow wherever you listen to podcasts.

Coming Friday, August 20th, the first-ever all-Metallica Podcast! We’re kicking off our podcast series with eight episodes taking a look behind the scenes of The Black Album – the how and why as told by each band member along with close to 40 other guests. Subscribe now for free wherever you like to listen and hear it from those who were there, starting next week.

We’ll talk about how the record was made, life on the road, all the incredible gigs we played during the three-year tour, including playing in Moscow for the first time and the thrill of headlining our hometown Day On The Green festival, and we’ll chat with many of the artists who contributed to the upcoming Metallica Blacklist album. Just a few of the special guests include Jason Newsted, Bob Rock, Alice Cooper, Rob Halford, renowned Rolling Stone critic David Fricke, photographer Ross Halfin, manager Cliff Burnstein, and members of the studio and touring teams. Tune in for never-before-heard demo recordings, candid conversations, and much more.

Check out a preview of the series. New episodes will be added weekly starting August 20th, so subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts to be notified when each new tale is added.