INTERVIEW: Sarah Pendelton of The Otolith on The End of SubRosa, and a “Folium Limina” Album Breakdown


Ghost Cult caught up with Sarah Pendelton of The Otolith! Comprised of former members of SubRosa: Kim Cordray, Levi Hanna, Andy Patterson, and Pendleton; with the addition of Matt Brotherton on bass, the band carved out a masterful debut. The sound of the group advances the beloved Subrosa style on their debut “Folium Limina,”  out now via Blues Funeral Recordings. Sarah talked candidly about the end of SubRosa, the birth of the new band, their debut performances, songwriting, a track-by-track analysis of the album, and much more! 


Read our album review of the album here;

ALBUM REVIEW: The Otolith – Folium Limina



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Watch the video for “Andromeda’s Wing” 


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