INTERVIEW: Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste) Discusses The New Release from BAT – “Under The Crooked Claw”

In this episode, Keefy chats with Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste) all about his other band, BAT and their second full-length album “Under The Crooked Claw” out now via Nuclear Blast Records! Ryan discussed the new album, the growth of the band, his life in music, and a hint of next moves from his main act, MW!


Watch the music video for “Streetbanger” now at:

Order “Under The Crooked Claw” –

BAT is:
Ryan Waste | Bass & Vocals
Nick Poulos | Guitar
Chris Marshall | Drums

Follow BAT:


Thanks to Kristen of Nuclear Blast for setting up this interview:

Usual Suspects:
Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy

Editing by Omar Cordy

Theme music by Salted Wounds

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