INTERVIEW: Otep Shamaya of OTEP Discusses “The God Slayer” Album and The Legacy of Nu Metal

Ghost Cult Keefy caught up with Otep Shamaya of OTEP to discuss the new album – “The God Slayer” – out now via Cleopatra Records! OTEP discusses the journey to the new release, overcoming tragedy in the last few years, choosing which artists to cover, the one cover song that didn’t make the album, looking back at Nu Metal and its current popularity, her return to touring, the new vinyl version of “Hydra” and more!


Thanks to Raquel Figlo PR and Cleopatra Records for arranging this interview.

Otep photo by Luke Denham (RIP).


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Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy


Editing by Omar Cordy


Theme music by Salted Wounds

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