Inferno Metal Festival 2023 Books Crowbar, Vemod, and Gaerea


Inferno Metal Festival chas added more great acts to the 2023 festival! Crowbar, Vemod, and Gaerea have joined the bill. Taking place April 6th – 9th 2023 in Oslo, Norway, the fest also features Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Uada, Odium, Sakis Tolis, Harakiri for the Sky, Urgehal, Djevel, Nekromantheon, Mork, Darvaza, Nervosa, 1914, Svalbard, Vredehammer, Lili Refrain, Dwaal, Afsky, Mutilated Tyrant, Godflesh, Urgehal, and Masacre, and many more to be announced. For tickets and more info, click the link below!