EP REVIEW: Beyond Grace – Welcome To The New Dark Ages, Pt. 1


The conclusion of 2022 saw Beyond Grace split with Prosthetic Records, and as any innovative and adaptable band does, the four-piece took charge themselves and carved out quite the hype-laden release timeline.

Welcome To The New Dark Ages, Pt. 1 (self-released) is the first of a trio of digitally released EPs which will eventually become a catch-all physical album, appeasing fans of both mediums and ensuring Beyond Grace remain on people’s minds for a while. Kudos.


The first effort features various tempos and deliveries in a compact amount of time. The three originals (plus a version of Peter Gabriel’s “Here Comes The Flood” – one of three covers that Beyond Grace will feature across the short players) emphasize the group’s strengths: burgeoning guitar tones, predatory vocals and thumping blasts.


“Buyer’s Remorse” finds more clean, ethereal vocals while also teasing an unhinged nature which is eventually tempered into a more structured form. Even the guitar solos resemble a feeling of regret or indecision. This is progressive Death Metal, after all, and the complexities of the rhythm section as a whole comes together with fierce intentions.


Wispy, guttural grunts are peppered all over “Misinfodemic,’ and, in a nod to the title, the track takes a breather halfway through before bellowing back to life.


“The Burning Season” is sinister even though folk/power metal clean vocals share the spotlight. Yet another notch in the Beyond Grace utility belt. And don’t worry: the stringwork reeks of heinous motivations and the pacing makes for a perfectly delectable slab of metal. The viscous strumming alone is chilling to the core.


The Welcome To The New Dark Ages compendium is a simple but brilliant creation, allowing for the consumption of multiple bite-sized releases before the full, finished product is finalized. It’s a testament to Beyond Grace’s ability to read the room and put their destiny in their own hands rather than relying on outside parties.


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8 / 10