CONCERT REVIEW: Sessanta Tour – A Perfect Circle – Primus – Puscifer Live at Talking Stick Resort

So sorry, I’m a lil hungover, I was at this crazy house party last night. It was my friend’s birthday and he invited all his friends to jam out! It was insane. There were a ton of people. There were two levels to this place. The top level held three full drum kits and two lounge / living room areas with sofas. This was connected to the lower level by staircases (featuring fully functional stair lifts for the old man), and featured a ping pong table and rock em – sock em robots. It was great to see the members of the bands just hanging out and partying while randomly picking up their instruments and playing their favorite original songs.

OK OK OK – it wasn’t a house party, and I’m not actually friends with the birthday boy; but dude, that’s what it FELT like! It was actually Maynard James Keenan’s (Tool) 60th birthday, and he chose to party with two of his amazing bands A Perfect Circle and Puscifer. Also there to funk things up was one of my all-time favorites, Primus!

Hilarious! The concept of this party stage was pure genius. It felt like we were hanging out with these amazing musicians and they were just hopping up from their hang-out session to jam for everyone. The stair lifts were a nice touch.

A Perfect Circle was amazing live. Billy Howerdel and Maynard brought that very introspective driving howling sound that has always set them apart from virtually everyone else. Puscifer brought that creepy tribal weird vibe with the chanting harmonized vocals of Carina Round and Maynard together. Their music is so unique in its ability to balance this hermetic mystical aura with Punk-Metal and dancy aggression and hysterical prepubescent humor.

I love Primus. If I am in control of the music, and a party vibe is what I feel, then Primus is often what I am going to play. Once they start jamming, I can hardly resist getting down to their thick bass-heavy grooves and insane chaotic guitar and bass solos.

All together, this was an amazing show. I brought my 15-year-old son and this was his first big concert / metal show. I had to let him know that this is not what most of these experiences are like. This was very special. When everyone around us started chanting “Primus Sucks!” The look on my son’s face was priceless. I had to explain that was normal for Primus and was the mantra of true fans. From the stage layout to the hilarious comedy videos during the intermission, it was a unique experience through and through. Grounding the experience to earth was the way the three bands tore through their best songs. Primus, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer: The three P’s. It all beautifully blended together into a hilariously fun and musically badass experience. It was my first time with APC and Puscifer and I was blown away. Having been a fan of both for years, it was easy to jump up cheering at the first few notes of every song. I would highly recommend this experience if you have the chance. Honestly, regarding how they organized the show, I believe this type of setup will become a trend among bands now. Such a great idea and I would love to see it with other groups as well. Happy 60th birthday Maynard, and personally, thank you for creating the soundtrack for so much of my life.