Light This City Had a Mini-Reunion This Weekend, Watch Them Perform “The Unwelcome Savior” Live

Modern Melodic Death Metal legends Light This City reunited briefly on stage for a rare performance this weekend at a show in Redwood City, California! The band played at The Hub Saturday on 4/20, 2024. Darkness Everywhere, featuring members of Light This City, opened for Crepuscle and The Hunt, and were joined by their former LTC members vocalist Laura Nichol and guitarist Steve Hoffman. The band bands for a performance of “The Unwelcome Savior!” Laura Nichol of LTC and other projects recently did a feature on a new Darkness Everywhere single and music video “The Architect of Misery,” which was also performed, from their upcoming new album To Conquer Eternal Damnation, dropping on May 10th from Creator-Destructor Records. Watch these videos, shot by Ghost Cult’s Anita Frausto, below!

Anita wrote of the set from Darkness Everywhere and the surprising LTC appearance:

At The Hub in Redwood City, Darkness Everywhere formed since 2021, featuring members of Light This City and Crepuscle, brings in fast riffed yet heavy vocals that you can hear hints blend of various metal styles. They perform The Seventh Circle EP, Ben Murray playing guitars and gutteral vocals, with clear screaming that you can understand what he sings. Solo guitar riffs from Cameron Stucky continuously hair flaring, bass feel from Zack Ohren coming from the speakers, and the heaviness slams from drummer Garrett Garvey has fans up close and some headbanging nonstop. As they performed their last song with their new single “The Architect of Misery,” featuring Laura Nichol from Light This City, hit the stage as a surprise guest! For fans in the know, you get how much we miss seeing her onstage. For an additional shocking surprise guest, we saw both Laura and guitarist Steve Hoffman with guitar go onstage, yet another surprise for and anniversary performance of the Light This City song “The Unwelcome Savior.” Fans went nuts, singing along, jumping around, headbanging, and just enjoying the pleasure of this experience for a quick reunion. As Laura went into the crowd to sing, she handed the mic to a few fans to scream along. This legit brought back so many memories of having seen them throughout the years, and fans just reveled in the moment.

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Darkness Everywhere Shares a New Single and Video for “The Architect Of Misery” ft. Light This City’s Laura Nichol