CONCERT REVIEW: Mastodon – Gojira – Lorna Shore Live at Arizona Financial Theater


Lorna Shore burst onto the stage with just the right vibe to start this show out.  Thundering unrelenting drums colored with technical guitar riffs and solos filled the theater and spawned energetic mosh pits, while the intense vocals topped it all off.  In between songs, the singer Will Ramos, threw out positive uplifting comments and platitudes that reminded me why metalheads; despite their rough exterior, are the nicest people you can meet.  


Up next was the first Mega Monster leviathan to rise from the sea and attack the shores of the Financial Theater.  Oui… Monsieur, I’m talking about French monsters, Gojira.


I have to admit Gojira was the highlight of the show for me. I brought expectations for this band as I am a fan of their music and have never seen them live before. They absolutely did not disappoint. Their unique mix of traditional metal riffs and innovative time synchronization was flawless. The stage presence and intensity of this band was moving to the audience surrounding me, which were obviously diehard fans. Their creative lyrics and messages were not lost in the impressive display of pyrotechnics and laser lights.  

The final band was the great beast known as Mastodon. This band does exactly what they mean to do: blow the audience away.  With mind-bending psychedelic background screens and a solid enduring fanbase, Mastodon proved again why they are a consistent favorite of metal fans.  Pulsing aggressive guitar riffs glued to technical explosive drumming, and exceptional bass work by Troy Sanders bass work. Mastodon’s music is persistent in that way that only well-crafted metal can be.  It changes your thoughts and attitudes until you are literally drawn out of your problems and focused on just the sensations and atmosphere surrounding you.  I finally hopped the barrier and joined in the circle pit near the end of their set and even though I’m over 40, and haven’t moshed in years, I quickly remembered why aggressively shoving and body slamming strangers is such a bonding and positive experience. I missed it. Thank you Mega Monsters for reawakening my inner metal head. Overall, this is a show you don’t want to miss!