BACON BLOODY BACON: Matt Bacon on Productivity in Slow Times

Right now we are going through aN unprecedented time. We all know this. We all kind of hate it and are trying to find effective ways to move forward. The question that comes up then is simply, ‘How does one remain productive even when nothing is going on for your band?’


This is a tricky question to answer and one that has a few possible solutions. First and foremost is to spend time brainstorming, then you’re going to want to make sure you’re understanding the long term projects you’re working on. On top of this – I think it’s pretty crucial to be spending this time networking – perhaps the best use of your time.


How To Brainstorm

10x10x10 is 1000 but 11x11x11 is 1331. Why the math lesson? Well, it’s a trick I learned from famed marketer Jay Abraham. His theory has always been that it is better to have easier to achieve incremental growth on a variety of facets than more difficult massive growth on one facet of a project.

What this means for brainstorming is you should write down every aspect of your band, break it down. From songwriting to social media, to show booking, etc etc. then what you do is sit for a half-hour with no distractions and just start to come up with ideas for incremental growth in each of these subsections. This has gotten me monumental results and has helped many of my clients. I’m sure it will help you too.


Having Long Term Projects

This is the other big thing to be aware of – if you have long term projects then you are always going to have something to do because you have things you can pour your time into. It means that you’ll never be bored because there are 2-3 evergreen projects.

For a band this could be anything from, songwriting to figuring out your next few weeks of social media content. It also could tie into networking and be stuff like – talking to people who comment on your posts or engaging with the labels who could maybe move your band to the next step.


How To Network During Covid

Networking is the thing that is going to make the most sense both short term and long term. It’s the way you make more friends, find cool people to work with and elevate the dialog around your band. It is the way that you’ll be able to find new opportunities.


So how do you do it in COVID? Well I have two strategies. First I’m very active on social, engaging with people who use relevant hashtags and building relationships that way, engaging in FB groups and of course talking to people on Twitter. The other big thing is having a list of 100 people who I want to be friends with. I reach out to a different one of them every day. It moves the needle for me regularly.

So as you can see… there are a lot of ways to remain productive in COVID and when not much is going on for your band in general. Brainstorming is obviously the root of it and it is fueled by staying dedicated to your long term projects. When this ties into networking – well shit now you’re really winning!



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