ALBUM REVIEW: See You Next Tuesday – Relapses

In recent years, it seems there has been a heightened embrace of electronic music within Metal that is becoming increasingly at the forefront. From the likes of Perturbator and HEALTH sitting on Metal and Rock lineups so fluidly with the likes of LLNN capturing dystopian and pounding soundscapes in their John Cxnner project, it is seemingly becoming a more prominent and welcome aspect within the more extreme fringes of Metal.

This is further evidenced on See You Next Tuesday’s latest offering, a self-professed ‘remix’ album to last year’s Distractions, in which this side of music is firmly embedded.

Featuring a swathe of guest musicians, some of which provide ‘edits’ throughout, Relapses (Good Fight) is a purposefully chaotic affair which showcases some, often wildly, varying aspects and takes throughout.

Album opener “Things Aren’t Going Well” is a furious onslaught which features an Industrial tone as it quickly showcases blasting drum passages with frequent breakdown-like drops, a contrast to the proceeding “The Face No One Sees” edit provided by Child Of Night, which is comparatively more melodic.

Often heaviness is in hand with electronica and synth-led musicality, such as on the frenzied “The Devil And Me”, which includes Thotcrime, or the gritty Sci-FI reminiscent (aforementioned) John Cxnner creation of “Desired Departure.”

There is a surprising versatility throughout this release with a multitude of guests providing re-imaginings throughout, which does perhaps mean that this will be more of a curiosity for the already converted than anything else, but one with enough highlights nonetheless.

Extreme Metal is a continually evolving beast and its increased acceptance of electronica across various forms is a testament to that fact as well as an indicator as to where Relapses is coming from. T

here is a subtle depth of styles on display here which may only reach those already in the know, but is certainly worth checking out for those who are curious.


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7 / 10