ALBUM REVIEW: Northlane – Mirror’s Edge

With time being the ever tricky and questionable beast, it is easy to still consider Aussie’s Northlane as a brand new band and not 15-year veterans with six prior studio releases under their belt… yet here we are. What is perhaps also overlooked is their nature of change across their sound with releases encompassing progressive tinged modern Metalcore to more electronic ambient sounds elsewhere; meaning, every new release may offer something different and comes with anticipation as a result.


Ultimately, it is unclear as to whether latest EP release Mirror’s Edge represents a reflection of what is to come or otherwise, but in this snapshot in time, what is being presented is a return to their heavier, progressive metal influenced sound. After a brief introductory soundscape, “Afterimage” brings forth that familiar Djent-like guitar tone and soaring vocals. Far from innovative but no less enjoyable. 

“Miasma” is a slightly pacier and harder effort which contains an instantly recognisable guest appearance from Winston McCall (Parkway Drive). Much like its predecessor and the following “Kraft” and “Let Me Disappear”, they follow very familiar patterns fitting into that arena-ready style of modern metal. 

Closing track “Dante” is the EP’s stand out track in terms of uniqueness and quality, with a more electronic sound that is equally suited for arenas not too dissimilar to the likes of latter-day Pendulum.

Time will tell what the sound shift of this EP means in the long run for Northlane, who have almost understatedly been growing and building for quite some time, perhaps with not enough credit compared to some of their peers. In part, a return to a heavier style but with an assured melodicism and ambition behind it, this is a very enjoyable effort which shows how formidable a band they are.

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6 / 10