Nest – Metmepsychosis

I mean we all love a good wash and the occasional shower from time to time, don’t we……?! After all, as they say “cleanliness is next to godliness”, which is where Nest come in with their record Metmepsychosis (Sludgelord). This is the total antithesis of the aforementioned phrase and an absolutely gloriously wretched listening experience for anyone who chooses to partake of it.

This not, however, a straightforward Sludge Doom type of record, indeed Nest are striving for something far more sinister, something almost otherworldly. ‘The Cowardice And Rashness Of Courage’ kicks off things proper and immediately you’re hit with the familiar feedback drenched sound often aligned with Sludge metal, but what Nest have is a more Black Metal tinge to the vocals which create an altogether more raw atmosphere. The bass-heavy riffs are brilliantly realised as they drone on and on, creating a wall of musical filth.

Gallows Of Forever’ follows straight after and builds on a quieter intro with more Doom infused riffs, which this time have a feel akin to the kings Electric Wizard. There is also a change of pace which gives the track a good sense of urgency making it different enough so as to keep the whole experience fresh. The reference point of Electric Wizard also speaks to the other facet of the record that is the trippy and psych doom elements at work on tracks like ‘Divining By The Entrails Of Sheep’ and the truly epic finale of ‘Life’s Grief’.


But, again, I found myself constantly surprised by Metmepsychosis, as never is one element or style dwelled upon for too long. Take something as simple as the length of the songs. Barely any clock in at even near five minutes, save for the ten-minute closer. This gives everything an almost straight-up Metal edge that feels punchier, rather than usual Doom way of playing the same riff ad infinitum.

What we have then is a Sludge/Doom record that gives its nods to the parent genres, but constantly shifts both lyrically and musically to create something very different, something at once personal and close to the bone, but also otherworldly and from a void of grime and distortion.

You really aren’t ready for Nest…..

Right, I’m off for a bath and it’s not even my birthday.