ALBUM REVIEW: Mono Inc – Ravenblack


The German Rock scene is legendary for producing exceptional bands like Scorpions and Rammstein. This schnitzel-loving nation is also known for its more niche music acts. Mono Inc. has been at the helm of the Gothic Rock movement since the early 2000s and they show no sign of slowing down. 


This four-piece proves their significance in the scene as they get ready to release their twelfth full-length album, Ravenblack (NoCut Entertainment). This new record highlights the band’s slightly eerie and catchy alternative sound while vamping things up by conjuring intentionality of thoughtful emotion.


The opening track, ‘At the End of the Rainbow’ escorts you into a world of whimsical intrigue with hefty orchestral sounds dominated by strings and keys. An infectious energy instantly bubbles up and spreads which has the listener bopping along in no time. Each number has a satisfyingly straightforward and catchy chorus that sticks. 


The vocals of Martin Engler and Katha Mia complement each other as they flaunt the cheesy, yet entertaining lyrics on numbers like ‘Princess of the Night’ and ‘Heartbeat of the Dead’. There is a capable vitality in their hard-hitting, yet airy movements. They use the verse, chorus, and then repeat template, yet the predictability does not deter from the merriment gained from immersing oneself into each number, though it does get a little exhaustive by the ninth or tenth song.  


The drama, bleeding heart-type lyrics, and hints of glam mixed in with their electronic moments provide a good time, slightly emo dance party. You can hear the grim, yet great acts like HIM and The Cure sprinkled throughout. ‘Empire’ and ‘Never Alone’ have anthem vibes while ‘Lieb Mich’ and ‘Day of Reckoning’ really get your foot tapping. Then they expose their more pensive side and serenade you into a gothic dream with ‘Angels Never Die’ and ‘Wiedersehen Woanders’. 


These variances throughout this full-length peeks into the more deliberate and sophisticated spirit of the band. 


The moodiness and mystery of this album will make you want to cinch up your corset and put on a thicker coat of eyeliner. There is a hint of haunting and a tinge of delightful creepiness in their minor keys and synth spectacles. The candid playing is easily digestible making you hungry for more. Their uncomplicated style is refreshingly approachable. 


Mono Inc. has a magnetism and a certain kind of likeability that might have you pushing the repeat button. This is probably why they have been around for so long and why they are still plugging away at it. 


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7 / 10