Mammoth Grinder – Cosmic Crypt

Mammoth Grinder is a supergroup of sorts, featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Power Trip, Darkest Hour and Iron Reagan. Let’s just cut to the chase this new record Cosmic Crypt (Relapse), the bands fourth release, is a fast, brutal, no-fucking-nonsense, crusty-edged grind, Death Metal Hardcore Punk rager.

First thing that will strike you on opening track ‘Grimmenstein’ is the way all of the different sounds are brought together meaning there is a simple, but brilliant, balance to everything, including the vocals which are coming at you straight from Hell’s echo chamber. ‘Divine Loss’ starts out at on a slower more groove-orientated tempo, not unlike Death Metal greats Obituary. That is just before it unleashes another furious barrage of pummelling riffs that just keeps the pace and delivery consistent throughout.

The musicianship is of the highest order, and what appear to be simple, straight-forward riffing and rhythms are in fact often cleverly progressive songs with a lot of subtle technicality to them. Take ‘Superior Firepower’, which has an off-kilter feel to it, coming in with a mid-tempo start that feels almost lurching in execution. Then it just goes off into a faster part at the drop of a hat and it’s almost like you didn’t even notice it happening. In this kind of metal, this is a very potent feather in the bands cap. ‘Human Is Obsolete’ is an absolute classic in the waiting. It has such a deliciously evil build at the start that launches into unrelenting all-out heaviness, before diving back down into the bowels of Satan for an apocalyptic breakdown. Aaaaaaaand breathe.


Like all great rollercoasters, there are times to pause before sending you on your merry way, and even if said ride is traversing the depths of the underworld, Mammoth Grinder show that they can do just this with consummate ease. For heavy music in general, this is a great way to kick off the year; everything has just been refined and honed to within an inch of its life.