ALBUM REVIEW: Greta Van Fleet – Starcatcher


Turn On. Tune In. Drop Out. That’s the overarching feeling with the newest Greta Van Fleet, Starcatcher (Lava/Republic Records). Starcatcher has swirling browns and oranges reminiscent of the seventies. It evokes lava lamps and black light posters. There is an earthiness to Starcatcher, a richness in tone. It’s an album that is felt as much as it is listened to. Starcatcher’s sound is as close to analog as you can get in this digital age.


At this point in their career, Greta Van Fleet isn’t a throwback to an earlier time of music, they’ve taken the seventies arena rock and the singer-songwriter genre and carried it into the twenty-first century. That isn’t to say that there aren’t shades of Triumph and Led Zeppelin present, there are. However, Greta Van Fleet has modern sensibilities in their music as well.


The combination of drummer Danny Wagner, bassist-keyboardist Sam Kizska, guitarist Jake Kizska, and singer Josh Kizska have created an enduring body of work that stands the test of time. The composition of the songs ranges from free-flowing to complex and sometimes this happens within the same song. The structure of the drumming is top-notch. Danny Wagner brings John Bonham and Ginger Baker.


Wagner is a virtuoso. He is adeptly supported by bassist Sam Kizska. The interplay between the rhythm section is pristine. They don’t just provide a solid foundation for the compositions; they increase the groove and ultimately the feel of each song. The patterns between Wagner and Kizska are engaging and dynamic. There is a depth and power the two gentlemen provide that is second to none.



Over this foundation, the other Kizska brothers harmoniously elevate this musical experience by providing a guitar sound that is warm and rich and all-encompassing. It’s rock and roll and southern blues all rolled into one. Jake Kzska’s solos are fresh and expressive. He provides both technically intriguing playing with a soulful expression of emotion and passion. Singer Josh Kizska’s soprano (although his total vocal range is C3 – C♯6) adds an ethereal sound to the work. Josh uses his voice not just for dispensing the lyrics, but also as an added harmonious instrument. Josh has amazing control over his voice and the sounds he creates; from valleys of lows to snow-peaked mountaintop screams.


Put together, Greta Van Fleet have produced an amazing album with Starcatcher. Fans won’t be disappointed with the newest offering. For newbies still on the fence about the band, give Starcatcher a listen. Starcatcher is a great rock album that is easily played on repeat. Greta Van Fleet’s Starcatcher provides an ever-deepening landscape of aural perception that is easy to get lovingly lost in.


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9 / 10