The Black Dahlia Murder Premiere New Video – “Nightbringers”

YES!!! The Black Dahlia Murder just confirmed that they will be releasing their new album, Nightbringers, on October 6th via Metal Blade Records. What can we expect? Trevor Strand said this, “In the early songs, I can hear us as kids, and then segueing into our adulthood as musicians and writers, but sixteen years in, I still feel young as a band. I feel like we have a shit ton left to do, and I think we’re sitting pretty with the best lineup we’ve ever had. I also think ‘Nightbringers’ could be our finest hour yet. I feel very strongly that it will affect people, I want to get all of these songs in people’s ears, and I want them to check out everything we’ve got on this record. There’s so much variety and so many great ideas, and I think that this could take us to another place.

Are you ready to hear a new song?!? Watch the official video for ‘Nightbringers’ below!

Pre-order your copy of Nightbringers here.