Void Ritual – Death Is Peace

About a year ago, one-man black metal outfit Void Ritual, the brainchild of Daniel Jackson, released Heretical Wisdom, a frosty yet melodic tribute to Scandinavian black metal that encapsulated what made that particular scene so exciting. It comprised densely layered melodies that uncurled to reveal chaotic energy with a dark, earthy atmosphere.Continue reading

Void Ritual Streams New Single – “Given Unto The Water”

Black metal solo artists Void Ritual have streamed their new single ‘Given Unto The Water’, from the upcoming album Death Is Peace. Void Ritual is the working name for solo artist Daniel Jackson, who also recently founded the digital label Ipos Music, which donates all revenue to causes benefitting LGBTQIA+ people and people of color. Listen to ‘Given Unto The Water’ over at www.IndyMetalVault.com.Continue reading


In this edition of our Reviews Round-Up, our fearless Editor Steve Tovey takes on some new and recently released albums to see if they pass the smell test.
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Void Ritual – Heretical Wisdom

There isn’t much in terms of smoke and mirrors when it comes to Void Ritual’s debut LP, Heretical Wisdom (Tridroid Records). It’s a straightforward black metal album through and through. And that’s a great thing. In a subgenre where it’s far too easy to coast on cliché and spectacle, a little earnest effort goes a long fucking way.Continue reading