PODCAST: Glacially Musical 158: D.R.I. – The Early Years – The “Dirty Rotten” LP and “Violent Pacification” EP


To start a new series on Dirty Rotten Imbeciles a.k.a. – D.R.I., Nik of Glacially Musical discusses politics in the 1980s and the rise of the great Houston, by way of San Francisco band! We do a deep dive on the early history of the band and then review of both The “Dirty Rotten” LP and “Violent Pacification” EP.

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PODCAST: Glacially Musical 156: Metallica’s #M72 Tour in St. Louis Review and Nik and Keefy STL-Shenanigans


Glacially Musical reviews both Metallica concerts in St. Louis as Keefy visits Nik and his family, shops for records, drinks a STL-IPA, eats a Slinger, and Steve’s St. Louis Hot Dogs, and more! Continue reading

INTERVIEW: Heriot: Rising Stars of The UK’s Metal Underground

The last two years have been a hell of a ride for Heriot, the English Post Hardcore/Extreme Metal band who have experienced a rebirth of sorts and are firmly riding the crest of a wave on a distinct upward trajectory. They started life in 2016 as a three-piece, consisting of Jake Packer (vocals/bass), Erhan Alman (guitar), and Julian Gage (drums), but in 2020 drafted in former Dead Hands guitarist Deb Gough, applying depth to their musicianship, while also adding a new voice for the band to share vocal duties with Jake, enabling an intriguing expansion of their sound.

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