PODCAST: Glacially Musical 158: D.R.I. – The Early Years – The “Dirty Rotten” LP and “Violent Pacification” EP


To start a new series on Dirty Rotten Imbeciles a.k.a. – D.R.I., Nik of Glacially Musical discusses politics in the 1980s and the rise of the great Houston, by way of San Francisco band! We do a deep dive on the early history of the band and then review of both The “Dirty Rotten” LP and “Violent Pacification” EP.


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0:00 Intro

2:00 Beer ✅ Nik –  Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale, Keefy – the last Anchor Steam Ale ever 🙁  

3:58 Vinyl ✅ Nik – Cannibal Corpse  + Union,  Keefy –   Metallica  + Soundgarden  and Metallica XXX 7-inch

13:01 Shirt ✅ Nik – Mr. Flibble is Cross With You (Red Dwarf) –  Keefy –  Turkey Vulture   

13:54 News ✅ Nik – Ace Frehley new single + Vinnie Vincent new album update, Keith  –  KISS  final tour dates ever and Round Table discussion ft. Nik and Keefy https://bit.ly/47VGBqh, also  Megadeth and Slipknot  band lineup drama.

28:01 Meat ✅ D.R.I., old-school punk rock, and political unrest in the 1980s.  

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