Brad Wilk Says Rage Against The Machine Will Never Tour or Perform Ever Again

Shocking news from Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine. In a public post to his personal Instagram page, he has said the band has no plans to ever resume touring or play live ever again. This comes just 4 years after announcing their reunion from their prior 10 year hiatus, and wildly successful tours and festivals. Following a year of inactivity in 2023 when Zack De La Rocha has been recovering from his knee injury suffered in 2022. The band was elected to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 2023, and only guitarist Tom Morello, a voting member of the Recording Academy, appeared to accept induction. Brad has also performed with Black Sabbath, Once Day As A Lion with De La Rocha, and Audioslave with Morello and Tim Commorford. Continue reading

Tim Commerford of Rage Against the Machine Has Been Battling Prostate Cancer


In an interview with Spin, Tim Commerford, the bassist and co-founding member of Rage Against the Machine has been battling Prostate Cancer. The 54-year-old bassist has already had a surgery to remove his prostate just before RATM went on tour earlier in 2023, and has been dealing with the situation the last few years. Tim just released music from his new band 7D7D. Tim has remained optimistic and currently has zero PSA’s (prostate-specific antigen) in his system, which for the moment means cancer free. He will be tested every six months now. Best of luck, Tim. 

He discusses his cancer journey so far in the chat.    

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