A three-day music festival in the woods with rock, punk, metal, copious amount of drinking, and an undying sense of community… throw that all in a blender with some camping and yard games and you get RPM Fest. The “Heaviest Party of the Summer” and the unofficial end to the summer in the New England metal scene. This was my 2nd year at RPM Fest so I knew what to expect, but at the same time, I didn’t know what to expect. As it is never a repeat of the year prior at this loud and dirty circus.Continue reading

Watch Beartooth and a 10-Year-Old Vocalist Perform “I Have A Problem” Live

Beartooth is on tour right now in USA, supporting their 2018 release Disease (Red Bull Records). The band invited a 10year old metal singer Liam Steelface of the band The Steelface Circus to scream his guts out on the track ‘I have A Problem” this week at the May 14th concert at The Strand in Providence, Rhode Island. The kid was awesome and not only scream his parts perfectly along with frontman Caleb Shomo backing him up, but he also put in a sick, sick performance of the song as well. Watch the future generation of heavy music at this amazing clip below!

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