CONCERT REVIEW: He Was A God – Bone Church – Shagohod Live at Park City Music Hall 

On a quaint main street in the East End section of the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut next to dance studios and gastro pubs, lies a soon-to-be well-known music venue called Park City Music Hall. It boasts a full bar, a menu with options for everyone, incredible sound, lighting, and not just lights, and a green room as large as the event space itself. Almost beyond belief is a large parking lot in the back, in addition to the available on-street parking. A substantial investment is clear but, what stands out even above all of this is the staff. Everyone was friendly, attentive and makes it their mission for the bands and patrons alike to have the best experience possible.Continue reading

NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: March 13th New Music Releases

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A three-day music festival in the woods with rock, punk, metal, copious amount of drinking, and an undying sense of community… throw that all in a blender with some camping and yard games and you get RPM Fest. The “Heaviest Party of the Summer” and the unofficial end to the summer in the New England metal scene. This was my 2nd year at RPM Fest so I knew what to expect, but at the same time, I didn’t know what to expect. As it is never a repeat of the year prior at this loud and dirty circus.Continue reading