Hinayana Shares “Cold Conception” Video, ft Nature Ganganbaigal (RIP)

Austin, Texas melodic death-doom metal band Hinayana is poised to release a new EP, their first album since 2018’s full-length Order Divine and their first for Napalm Records. The new release, Death Of The Cosmic is due for release on August 28, 2020. The band has dropped their new single and video for the track “Cold Conception”, featuring late Tengger Cavalry frontman and multi-instrumentalist Nature Ganganbaigal, who died in June of 2019, on Morin Khuur (horsehead fiddle). Watch the clip right now! Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Top 10 News Stories of 2019

As we barrel into the new year we want to take one last look at our most popular news stories (by topic) on our website in 2019. Thanks for being here with us and choosing us for your music news, interviews, reviews and other entertaining content we try to provide daily!Continue reading

Nature Ganganbaigal, Metal and World Music Artist of Tengger Cavalry, Has Died

Sad news to report, according to a post from Metal SucksNature Ganganbaigal, a.k.a. Nature G multi-instrumentalist and frontman for Tengger Cavalry, has died. No cause of death has been revealed yet, but his passing was confirmed and shared by his bandmates. Patrick Reilly told MetalSucks, “We grew suspicious when he did not show up for a pre-show rehearsal last weekend. We also had a video shoot scheduled, so for him to miss that was a cause for suspicion.” The band “had been collaborating with friends of his in Austin since that time.” Today, authorities informed the band that they found Nature’s body on June 13. You can read a statement from the band below. Continue reading

Tengger Cavalry- Cian Bi

OK, it’s time for a confession. Up until now (and with the Cardinal sin of not actually finding the time to hear a note) I have always thought of Tengger Cavalry (and perhaps overlooked them as a result) as simply a typical Folk Metal band. Maybe it is them being sold as having Mongolian instrumentation and influences, maybe it was album imagery evoking battles, insignia and even horses, or perhaps the band’s attire or a combination of, I’m not entirely sure, but with latest effort Cian Bi (Napalm), it only took a couple of songs in to prove just how wrong I was!The truth is Tengger Cavalry are a fascinating hybrid of accessible Metal elements with some, at times, pretty barmy delivery.Continue reading

Tengger Cavalry Debuts New Song – Ashley

Tengger Cavalry will be releasing Die On My Ride on June 2nd via M-Theory Audio, and as you heard in the title track and the ‘Me Against Me’ single, this record will be a lot different than anything they’ve ever done before. One of the biggest examples of that fact is the introduction of ballads into their sound. They’ve never really tried that before, but as you’ll hear in the new ‘Ashley’ single, they do it pretty damn well.Continue reading