John Reese Talks His Role Within Knotfest

John Reese of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival co-coordinator

John Reese of Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival co-coordinator

Knotfest has concluded its second Southern California edition this past October (and third year overall) with successful results, giving the heavy music scene an outlet for rising bands to be heard on a larger scale. Plus with one of the genre’s biggest acts to have an event of this size designed around them and hand selecting many of the acts on there, it opens up new opportunities for others.

For hardcore Slipknot fans, having their own festival event became a given for them to put on such an event. Veteran prodocer and event coordinator of the festival, John Reese, plays a huge role is making sure the show goes on smoothly.


He gave his thoughts on what makes them such a likely candidate to hold such an event and becoming successful at throwing a two day event with multiple stages of heavy rock and metal bands, a museum of band related items and even a roller coaster.

Because I think Slipknot’s so visual. They’re so visual in what they do and it has that crazy side show kind of element that made itself defensible more than most other acts. So they wear masks, it’s dark and it’s visual and their videos are very intense. From the standpoint of creating this giant apocalyptic carnival, which is what I like to refer it to, there’s really no better band on the planet to create something around.

Photo Credit: Evil Robb Photography

Photo Credit: Evil Robb Photography

Working alongside the band, Reese played a key role in making the event runs smoothly. Best known for also producing the summer annual Rockstar Mayhem Festival, his experience producing events such as these helped put together such an event.

It’s not that different. The differences are the substantial amount of curation and involvement with Slipknot. They’re involved in every single decision and I would want it that way because it represents their brand.

They’re involved with the curation of the talent. They’re involved in everything that basically puts this thing on. I run all of the attractions by them. I do the leg work. They’re intimately involved in the curation of the event with Cory Brennan, the manager and the band,” he said, explaining his role alongside the Slipknot band members.


Being involved in the production of Knotfest, Reese himself admitted he did get some say on the selection process of the talent. “Of course – I work on it and send them a submission list. If I feel there’s somebody worth fighting for, I’ll fight for that act. So I’m intimately involved in everything, trying to make sure we pull off the right show all the way down the line.

2015 was the third edition of the Knotfest (and second in Southern California), he explained how they made changes and fine tuning things to ensure it to run better and giving attendees a better experience.

We basically really wanted to deliver a similar kind of thing to what we did last year because we felt that it worked. We lost a couple of attractions. We lost the zipline and two lane Monster Trucks. We’ve done a lot of different things to make sure that the fans wanted to see and do we did. We felt last year the show was an hour and a half. The show was too long so we reduced the show by one hour.

We added acts to the extreme stage. That was an important part. We added a couple of more stages up in the top of the lawn at the Thunderdome with the fire. We added two more stages up there. We tried to adapt and engage and do stuff that we felt like created a good slow loop in the festival and gave people a lot of different things to see.

knotfest megaloop

When it came to selecting the talent, they took on the challenge of finding acts they felt would best round out such an event, while balancing availabilities and not repeating names from the previous year.

We have to try to find which artists are available. We didn’t repeat a single act from the year before. Everybody that played this year was entirely new with the exception of Slipknot. That was important and we threw in the hip hop element in there with Mobb Deep and Ghostface Killah. In my business that’s always finding out when bands are available, how much they want to get paid and all of those things necessary to be able to book one of these things.

Mobb Deep, by Melina D Photography

Mobb Deep, by Melina D Photography

Reese shared who he was personally excited to see during the Knotfest weekend. Being that he was involved in the selection process in booking talent, he himself talked about who he was excited to see performing on his event.

I loved seeing Judas Priest. There’s this new band Khaotika that I wanted to see….Belphagor…there’s probably 15 or 20 that I wanted to see. I’ve seen most of them through playing on the Mayhem Festival or other stuff that I do.



 Judas Priest, by Melina D Photography

Judas Priest, by Melina D Photography

Photo Credit: Hillarie Jason

Photo Credit: Hillarie Jason

I hadn’t seen Judas Priest since the early 80s so I was really stoked to see them. I always love seeing Korn. I loved the hip hop collaboration between Mobb Deep and Ghostface Killah. I loved that. It was great seeing Clutch. I hadn’t seen them in forever. Suicidal Tendencies – I’ve never had them on any of my festivals so it was great to see them. Love Cannibal Corpse. I could keep talking but…

Korn, by Melina D Photography

Korn, by Melina D Photography

Clutch. Photo Credit: Evil Robb Photography

Clutch. Photo Credit: Evil Robb Photography

Cannbal Corpse, by Melina D Photography

Cannbal Corpse, by Melina D Photography

Overall, he was happy with the results with Knotfest and the hard work put in by the members of Slipknot. “I’m just so proud of Slipknot. I actually went and signed them with Ross Robinson back in 1998 and watched them become arguably one of the biggest heavy bands in the world. They stick to their guns and they never compromised. They took a big risk and a big shot with putting Knotfest out there and I think what they’re doing for heavy music should be commended.

As for a 2016 edition, Reese would not give a definite answer at this time, but was positive about its future.

Well we’d love it to be an annual thing so we’ll see. We’re going to have a debrief and we’ll sit down and decide what we’re going to do next year if anything. Obviously I hope it comes back. The plan is for it to be an annual event in San Bernadino. That’s the plan but stranger things have happened. So that’s our plan and we’ll see what happens.

As for Rockstar Mayhem Festival or any other hard music related festival tour in the near future, he did not have anything definite at the time and said “I’m working on some stuff. Who knows? Once again, never say never. I don’t know yet. Nothing’s in stone yet. We’re still working on some things. We’ll see what happens.

By Rei Nishimoto

Aaron Beam of Red Fang Talks New Album

red fang 4

Portland riff rockers Red Fang have been powering through on the road and continuing to push their latest album Whales and Leeches. Their latest venture took them through Knotfest in Devore, CA where they were greeted with a swarm of fans for their early set time.

Being that it is a bit over two years since the release of their current album, they have stretched the lifespan of the release beyond where they had thought it could possible reach.

It was October of 2013 when it came out so it’s about two years. This is the last tour we’re doing on it. We’re trying to play some smaller cities and cities we haven’t played in a long time. We wanted to get out with some of our favorite bands Whores and Wild Throne and take those guys out. We’ve been writing some new songs and we wanted to try some of those songs out on the tour. We didn’t play them today (Knotfest) because it was a shorter set, but on the rest of the tour we’re doing three to four new songs,” said bassist Aaron Beam, talking about where they stand today.

Red Fang Tour poster

He talked playing Knotfest and how different it is playing an American festival versus the numbers of European festivals Red Fang had participated on over the years.

Most of the people at Knotfest speak English! They speak English at most of the festivals in Europe too. I feel more comfortable speaking to the audience here and feeling like they understand me. Besides that, generally festivals are festivals and they’re pretty similar,” he said.

Photo Credit: Kaley Nelson

Photo Credit: Kaley Nelson

During their 2011 release Murder The Mountains, Red Fang took part on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival tour across North America and played in front of crowds largely geared towards the younger, modern metalcore oriented audiences. Now fast forward to 2015, Beam talked about how playing Knotfest differs from back then.

I think the lineup today was a bit more varied than Mayhem was the year that we did it. I know Mayhem changes up but the year we did it there was lots and lots of metalcore and more thrash bands. We were the only band that was a rock band. Today was good. It seemed like people were more locked in.

Red Fang03

He also talked about public awareness growing over the years and fans becoming much more saavy with the Fang helped sway them in their favor.

That’s it too. More people know about us now. Almost any time you go to see a band cold and you’ve never heard of them before, you’re not going to be thrashing around. You’re going to be paying attention and listening, especially when it’s something so different from everything else during the day.

red fang live

Recently, Red Fang has released a new seven inch single on Volcom Recordings with two covers – an Elvis Presley and the theme song for the popular 1980s television series Fraggle Rock, reinterpreted by the band.

There’s two covers on the Volcom seven inch. There’s the Elvis cover which is only the lyrics are the same. The song is an old couple of riffs that we’ve never figured out how to turn it into a song before. Then there’s also a cover of a song from that TV show Fraggle Rock, which is similarly lyrics and an old song that I wrote from before Red Fang even existed that we modified and turned it into a track that worked with that vocal melody,” he explained.

Beam himself took part on the Teenage Time Killers’ record Teenage Time Killers: Greatest Hits Vol. 1 on a song titled “Your Empty Soul,” which he also involved Corrosion of Conformity drummer Reed Mullin. He talked about how he got involved in this project.


It was actually through this guy Sean Cox, who’s a tech for the Foo Fighters. Several of the Foo Fighters crew live up in Portland. So Sean was helping us out with some guitar problems and we were just hanging out and he asked me if I would mind if he put me in touch with Lou, who engineered the thing. I was like ‘yeah…’

Reed was originally thinking of having Pepper [Keenan] sing on that track but something happened and Pepper couldn’t do it. So it was like ‘you know what would be cool is if we got that guy Aaron from Red Fang.’ I think it was like Reed mentioned it and then Lou talked to Sean, and then Sean talked to me and that’s how it came together.

While he enjoyed working on the song, he missed his one chance at performing it live at a recent one time show in Los Angeles.

No I’ve never played it. That was my chance I guess with the concert that they did (Teenage Time Killers at Henry Fonda Theater) in LA but there was no way for me to make it down. Juggling kids and being on tour was real hard. That was a weekend I wasn’t available. Hopefully they’ll do another one and I can do it. I love the idea and I want to actually perform the song once.

John Sherman of Red Fang. Photo Credit: Kaley Nelson

John Sherman of Red Fang. Photo Credit: Kaley Nelson

While Beam and the Red Fang guys experienced a lot during this album cycle, he shared some of the highlights he experienced throughout the past few years.

This last tour with Whores and Wild Throne was big. That was one of the funnest US tours we’ve done. I also loved that tour we’d done with Big Business and American Sharks earlier, and we did a tour right in the beginning with Helms Alee, Wild Throne and a band before them called Gaytheist. Those were all super fun US tours.

The highlight of show for me was…and we’ve played a lot of really good shows. But the one that really was the most memorable from this album was Hellfest in France. It was the third time we’ve played it and we’ve got a pretty decent main stage slot. I would say conservatively there were 25,000 people watching us play, and they were not just standing there. It was packed and people were rocking out all the way to the back of the crowd. It was amazing. It was so fun.

Lots of times there’s something about the energy of an intimate club you can’t capture on a big huge festival stage like that. But with that many people it was awesome. Maybe we’ll never get to do that again but that’s really memorable.

Red Fang with Paul Shaffer on Late Show With David Letterman.

Red Fang with Paul Shaffer on Late Show With David Letterman.

They met a lot of high profile names along the way, and many were not necessarily from the heavy music world. One person they met was David Letterman, where they had a rare opportunity to perform on his television show – Late Night With David Letterman – before he retired earlier in the year.

That was on this album cycle! It seems like so long ago,” said Beam, suddenly remembering this moment. “That was an amazing experience. It was one of those things where I didn’t feel nervous until they started taping the episode. Once they tape it there’s no stopping. It feels like when you’re climbing to the top of a huge waterslide or you’re about to skydive. You know you’re committed. There’s nothing you can do – you have to do it. You’re terrified when you do it and as soon as you do it, you want to do it again. It was exactly like that. It was awesome.

They also got to work with actor and musician Fred Armisen, who appeared in their music video for ‘Blood Like Cream.’ “He played in a band called Trenchmouth in the 90s that my kids’ mom they used to play shows together, like way back when. She knows him from the music world before he was on TV at all. Pretty interesting.

Fred Armisen with Red Fang on the "Blood Like Cream" Music Video.

Fred Armisen with Red Fang on the “Blood Like Cream” Music Video.

Lastly, Beam talked about a new Red Fang also in the work, following the conclusion of their touring cycle.

Yeah for sure. We’ve already got three songs that are totally done, and we’ve got pieces of…I don’t know…30 more songs worth of material. We’ve got to start as soon as we get back from this tour we’re gonna lock in and start bashing out the songs and turning them into finishing them. We have studio time tentatively booked for end of February or beginning of March.

We’re really buckling down now. These tour things come up and A) you’ve got to make money and B) we wanted to try out these songs on the road as well and dial them in a little bit better and see how they’re working. That really helped a lot.

He gave a preview of the new material that is in the process of becoming the new Red Fang album. “You’ll probably be able to find some YouTube videos of some of the new songs. We’ve played them on this whole tour. One of them is called ‘The Shadows’ and it’s actually on this seven inch we’ve already put out. We’ll do an updated version of it.


There’s a new song that I’m super excited about that we’re playing on this last tour that’s kind of a slower, a little dirtier songs but it has this more Russian Circles kind of thing that happens half way through it. It’s got some surprises.

We’re still experimenting and branching out and trying new things always. It’s clearly going to be a Red Fang record but with some stuff you haven’t heard before.

By Rei Nishimoto

Feeding Time – Feed Her To The Sharks

feed her to the sharks

Australia has produced quite the number of new faces within the metal scene and Feed Her To The Sharks has swam under the radar and has been drawn the attention of fans everywhere they have ventured into. This summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival is the band’s debut North American tour and are soaking in the somewhat overcast spot in Southern California.

It’s been an unbelievable experience so far, even though it’s been only one day,” said guitarist Kim Choo, about their first 48 hours on American soil in Devore, CA. “You sort of see from us from being from Australia, we see DVDs of bands playing festivals of this sort of scale, but it’s so far away for us. Now that we’re here playing these shows, it’s just an awesome experience. We’re stoked.

He shared his thoughts about being on the touring festival and what it means to be part of this tour, especially being it is their first time across North America. “We were a bit worried because we were playing when Hellyeah were just finishing and before King Diamond. So obviously there are two separate stages. People definitely came back and checked us out. We were stoked.

There were people who even know a lot of our songs. [It was] one of the biggest crowds we played in front of – all of these Mayhem dates seem to be crazy. Today it looks like the upwards of 5000 people here. It’s going to be mental. We’re really looking forward to doing this tour.

Feed Her To The Sharks at Rockstar Mayhem Fest - Devore, CA (via Facebook)

Feed Her To The Sharks at Rockstar Mayhem Fest – Devore, CA (via Facebook)

They are thankful for all of the support they have had behind their latest album Fortitude, and having friends on the tour made the transition onto this festival tour an easy one.

We’ve gotten a lot of support from our label Victory Records and we’ve got some mates on this tour. The guys in Thy Art is Murder – they’re an Australian band as well. We just finished touring Europe with those guys. We’re not new to playing shows, but I guess we’re new to doing the festival runs. So far so good – we’re really enjoying it.

Any specific acts they’re looking forward to seeing this summer? “Slayer. I grew up listening to a lot of thrash. Fuck yeah. It’s going to be sick. King Diamond’s going to be killer. Obviously Thy Art is Murder and Whitechapel is going to be brutal. I can’t wait.

Fortitude is their third album overall and their first album released internationally. Choo explained after shuffling lineups since their start in 2008, they were able to bring in players who would help shape their sound into what is heard on the release.

We never really had a full lineup for the first two records (2010’s The Beauty Of Falling and 2013’s Savage Seas). We’re basically in between members and lineup changes. Luckily we came across some rad dudes who really wanted to do this and treat this seriously. We got the right lineup.

So for this album compared to the first two, we had a full lineup. We had everyone who was 100% forward. Everyone worked towards the same goal and that’s what makes this record, in my opinion, so much better than our previous two. We’ve got everyone working together in unison to make the best record that we can.

Aside from Choo and vocalist Andy Van Der Zalm, the band had not held a steady lineup until recently. “We’re the only two original members. We’ve got Marinos (Katsanevas, guitars), Rob (Davies, bass) and Andrew (‘Stix’ Coterell), who are the other three members. Rob’s been around for a bit longer, since Savage Seas, our second record. The other two guys came along when we were writing this new album. It went really well.” “We found the right guys who could take our band to that next step. We’re stoked that we found a really cool group of dudes that we enjoy being friends with and we enjoy doing business with.

Their band moniker does definitely sounds Australian, as sharks and the whole oceanic vibe paints a vivid picture into what their sound could be like. “The first song we wrote as a band is off our first album called The Beauty of Falling called ‘Misery.’ The opening line to that song is ‘feed her to the sharks’,“ explained Choo.

At the time we wrote that song, we didn’t have a band name yet, but it kind of stuck with us. We thought it was a cool sound theme. It sounded good on fliers. It stood out for people. It’s got that Australian sort of feel to it.

After the Rockstar Mayhem Festival, they have a couple of upcoming tours back home. “We have a couple of tours back home in Australia. We’ve got one with Nile and Unearth. It’s going to be sick. It’s in November. I can’t say anything about the other tour quite yet. It’s not announced yet. We’re going to be doing the rounds of Australia a couple of times. We haven’t played there for a while now. We’re hoping to head back to Europe and doing that run again. We had a really good response there so we’re going to try to go back and try our luck.

Feed Her To The Sharks at Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2015 - Albuquerque, NM (via Facebook)

Feed Her To The Sharks at Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2015 – Albuquerque, NM (via Facebook)

While the band is enjoying their time on the tour, they escaped the opposite season known now as winter back home. Technically, Feed Her To The Sharks scored by getting two summers this year and Choo is stoked about this.

It’s so good man to be away from Australia, or Melbourne in particular while it’s winter there. People think it’s Australia but in Melbourne it gets cold in winter. It’s really cold. We don’t get snow or anything crazy like that, but it’s cold. I’m so glad to be here right now.

By Rei Nishimoto

Staying Underground: Jungle Rot

jungle rot

Sticking it out for eleven years doing old school death metal take a lot of heart and dedication, and for Kenosha, WI based Jungle Rot, they have been slugging it out producing blue collar style brutality and never letting down from it. They have released their ninth full length release Order Shall Prevail (out now via Victory Records) and continue to wave the flag for underground Midwestern death metal.

Aside from the music, the band is taking part on the Rockstar Mayhem Festival across North America this summer, and places them in front of a slightly different audience than the underground death metal crowds they were used to playing for. But being a band up for challenges, they were ready to confront this head on.

This is the first time we’ve stepped outside of the underground,” said guitarist Jimmy Genez. “We definitely like playing underground. That’s just home. The label popped up – ‘We’re sponsoring the second stage. Do you want to be involved?’ We’re like sure. Why not? It’s a good chance to get some exposure. A lot of people have seen us but probably never heard us before. That’s a good thing. Will we ever completely out of it? Probably not and I’m ok with that. I’ve been doing this a long time. I think I’ve reached the level unless Slayer asked me to join, I’m never going to be in a band that big. [At least] nothing I started anyways. I don’t have it in me. I’m not a 25 year old kid spending a lot of time fliering on the streets. I’m 40. I don’t have time for that.

While the Rockstar Mayhem Festival is not solely focused on death metal, the band saw an opportunity to play for younger fans of extreme music but other styles as well.

This is going to be good for the band. It’s good exposure. We’re team players with the label. This is definitely a first for us. It kind of sucks to play 25 minutes and just breaking a sweat and it’s time to get off. This is definitely new and we’re ok with it.

Will it be odd not seeing a sea of death metal logos everywhere? “It’s different but we don’t mind different. We want lots of different people to hear our music. I know there’s all kinds of metalheads. There’s pat stubs and stinky fucks and more hardcore Slipknot types. We like to think we can bring something to the table.

jungle rot prevailcd

They began working on Order Shall Prevail immediately after completing the touring cycle for their last album (2013’s Terror Regime). Sticking to a formula that worked best for them, they created another powerful album that longtime fans have grown to know them for.

Right after we released the last one and we did a little touring for it, we sat down and started writing. We started getting some stuff grooving on it. The writing process is pretty easy for us. It’s what you think it would be. It’s a couple of guys getting together, talk, smoke weed and jam. We just write riffs, record them, piece them together, see what works with what riff, mumble tracking the vocals and see if the vocals are strong there. It’s pretty simple.

We didn’t go into any different mindset with this record. We knew we wanted to top the last two. Of course any band will tell you that their latest album is their best album, but I truly believe it is. It’s got everything on there that Jungle Rot’s known for. It’s got the fast thrashy shit, the slower headbangers, the couple mosh riffs…it’s got everything.”

One highly publicized song on Order Shall Prevail is “Fight Where You Stand,” which features Max Cavalera (ex-Sepultura, currently of Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed) on guest vocals.

My old friend Joe Nunez used to play drums for Soulfly. He’s from my area. He’d come home and we’d hang out. He would say ‘I know you don’t believe me but the Cavaleras love Jungle Rot. They’d listen to it on the bus, the kids love it.’ Nah I don’t believe it. I never believed him. We played 70,000 Tons Of Metal and we’re playing and I look down and there’s Max banging his head. I was like fuck yeah! That’s cool.

Right after we got off the stage, he and his wife came up to us and they introduced themselves – we’re big fans, blah, blah, blah. It was amazing. I kept in touch and I hit Gloria up and asked if Max would be interested in doing some vocals with us. They were coming to Milwaukee in like a week. She said yeah Max is totally down. We got a laptop and a couple of mics and met him on the tour bus and got his tracks. It was pretty easy. He was really into it. He had ideas he wanted to try.

It was kind of cool having a legend like Max Cavalera sing my lyrics too. I listen to it and like ‘wow. He’s singing to something I wrote.’ It’s pretty cool.

Another change came within their lineup as they enlisted a new drummer (Joey Muha) for this album. Being no stranger to drummer changes, they quickly made the shift and found his enthusiasm to give them an added charge atop of their already energetic sound.

We’re like the Spinal Tap of death metal,” he said, about the drummer changes. “Jesse [Beahler] played on the last two albums and is a great kid. He wanted to move on and try different things. He’s really a tech drummer – really into crazy techniques and stuff. Jungle Rot wasn’t a thing for him. I’m sure playing in the band helped his playing a little bit, because there’s a certain tightness involved. He was a great drummer. He wanted to move on and try different things. Plus he lived far away too.

We got our buddy Joey [Muha] from Threat Signal. He’s from Canada. He’s a good friend of the band. He’s a good hard working kid. He’s really hungry for it. He takes a lot of pressure off of the older guys in the band. He’s out there running around finding the production guys, doing the guest lists – you don’t have to do that and it’s nice.

If you buy a Jungle Rot record, you know what you’re getting into. It’s definitely not a tech-death twist anywhere. It’s not going to happen. It’s gonna be solid headbanging.

By Rei Nishimoto

Jungle Rot Releasing Order Shall Prevail On June 30th

jungle rot 2015 promo_638

Veteran death metallers Jungle Rot will be releasing their ninth full length album Order Shall Prevail on June 30, 2015 via Victory Records. The song “Paralyzed Prey” can be streamed below.

The band will be on this summer’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival, and have also unveiled a number of off dates.

Jun 23: Black Sheep – Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 24: Club X – Salt Lake City, UT
Jun 29: The Panic Room – Portland, OR
Jul 02: The Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV
Jul 05: 89th Street Collective – Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 06: The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
Jul 09: Fubar – St. Louis, MO
Jul 14: Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
Jul 16: L’Alize – Montreal, QC
Jul 27: The Maywood – Raleigh, NC
Jul 28: New Mountain – Asheville, NC
Jul 30: Hot Shots – Shreveport, LA

jungle rot prevailcd

Order Shall Prevail track listing:
01: Doomsday
02: Paralyzed Prey
03: Blood Revenge
04: Fight Where You Stand (Featuring Max Cavalera)
05: Order Shall Prevail
06: The Dead Pestilence
07: I Cast The First Stone
08: E.F.K.
09: Trench Tactics
10: Nuclear Superiority

Trailer: Thy Art Is Murder – Making Of Holy War

thy art is murder 2

Thy Art is Murder has posted the first in a series of trailers for their upcoming release Holy War, out June 30, 2015 via Nuclear Blast. The band will be taking part on this year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival with dates posted here.

thy art is murderr holy war

Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder
Jun 20: Outland Ballroom – Springfield, MO
Jun 23: Mesa Music Hall – El Paso, TX
Jun 25: Orpheum Theater – Flagstaff, AZ

Thy Art Is Murder On Twitter
Thy Art Is Murder On YouTube

rockstar mayhem fest 2015

2015 Rockstar Mayhem Fest Lineup Leaks

mayhem fest admat 2015

A Rockstar Mayhem Festival admat has began to leak with a rumored lineup similar to names previously leaked out. The official word is still supposedly coming on April 13, 2015, but the lineup reportedly includes:

King Diamond
The Devil Wears Prada

Victory Records stage:
Thy Art Is Murder
Jungle Rot
Sister Sin
Sworn In
Shattered Sun
Feed Her To The Sharks
Code Orange
Kissing Candice

Slayer, King Diamond, HELLYEAH, etc On Rockstar Mayhem Festival?

rockstar mayhem festival logo

Rumors on who will be on this year’s Rockstar Mayhem Festival has began circulating, and an official announcement won’t be made until April 13, 2015. Names popping up so far include:

King Diamond
The Devil Wears Prada
Thy Art is Murder

Roughly 12 bands are expected to fill out the main and second stages on the festival, including a returning Victory Records stage.