ALBUM REVIEW: Brujeria – Esto Es Brujeria

Holy shit, it’s been thirty years since Brujeria’s seminal – or infamous – debut, Matando Güeros? Okay, I guess that aids in understanding why we’re getting latest LP Esto Es Brujeria (Nuclear Blast) in the year of our lord 2023. Literally just realized this.

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Audio: Brujeria Releases “Plata O Plomo” And “Bruja” Singles


Brujeria will be unleashing their fourth album, Pocho Aztlan, on Mexican Independence Day (September 16th) via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. This will be their first full length record since Brujerizmo was released in 2000, so everyone is ready more than ready for new tunes. Luckily for fans everywhere, the band has just shared two neck breaking singles, and you can hear ‘Bruja‘ and ‘Plata O Plomo‘ right now!Continue reading