Jaye Jayle Shares New Video For “No Trail”, World Tour Under Way

Jaye Jayle, a.k.a. Evan Patterson and his brand of dark folk Americana as explored in his career has hit a zenith this year with the release of No Trail and Other Unholy Paths LP, out now via Sargent House. Now he has released an immersive David Lynch-ian music video for the track ‘No Trail’ which you can watch below. Continue reading

Jaye Jayle – No Trail And Other Unholy Paths

For those unaware of the sinister, weird magnificence of David Lynch, his films and series are usually accompanied by equally strange yet wonderful music: edgy, dark, seductive, indulging the seedy side of Americana. Young Widows frontman Evan Patterson’s solo project Jaye Jayle fits this bill perfectly, its Dark Country-style jangle carrying a profound melancholy, and with sophomore album No Trail And Other Unholy Paths (Sargent House) being produced by Lynch’s musical adviser Dean Hurley, there’s an added resonance here.Continue reading