ALBUM REVIEW: Evile – Hell Unleashed

With a gap of eight years since their last studio album and boasting a new, reshuffled line-up, UK thrashers Evile are back with an absolute vengeance on their fifth full-length release. And as its title suggests, listening to Hell Unleashed (Napalm Records) is much like letting an angry, unfed Rottweiler loose in a roomful of overweight and particularly slow-moving children.

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Evile – Skull

Evile-Skull_abum_coverUK-based Evile is one of the leading exponents within the so-called revival thrash metal movement. The band formed back in 2004 and with three critically acclaimed albums under their belt they’re slicing themselves a nice piece of the action. Let’s see what Skull, their latest record, has to offer.Continue reading