Alan Robert’s (Life of Agony) Latest in His Series of Coloring Books – “The Beauty of Horror 6” Releases This Week

Legendary musician and artist Alan Robert (Live of Agony, Spoiler NYC) will release his latest in his line of best-selling and acclaimed adult coloring books – The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces, this week, via IDW Comics/Penguin. Releasing tomorrow April 11th, 2023, Robert’s books have delighted fans of all ages and become a phenomenon in the genre. The latest book is a homage to world-renowned classical art masterpieces, with a hellish twist in Robert’s central character – Ghouliana! Pre-order the book at the link below!

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Pearl Jam to Release The “Art of Do The Evolution” Collaboration with Comics Legend Todd MacFarlane

Twenty-two years after legendary rock band Pearl Jam debuted their Grammy Award-nominated “Do The Evolution” music video, the band will release a behind the scenes arrt book, Pearl Jam: Art of Do The Evolution, with exclusive content created for the video by Todd McFarlane, Kevin Altieri, and Pearl Jam this October from IDW Publishing. The message of the art and the resulting video speaks volumes all these years later, especially the social and environmental messages the band promoted with its Yield album and tour. Directed by visionary comics legend Todd McFarlane (Spawn) and veteran animator Kevin Altieri (Batman: The Animated Series), this achievement in animation told a graphic and dark history of the world in four gripping minutes and is widely considered one of the best music videos of all time. The book will retail for $39.99 US / $53.99 CAN and will be a 200-page, full-color hardcover book, coming in 12” x 9″, perfect for your coffee table or Rock den!Continue reading