Alan Robert’s (Life of Agony) Latest in His Series of Coloring Books – “The Beauty of Horror 6” Releases This Week


Legendary musician and artist Alan Robert (Live of Agony, Spoiler NYC) will release his latest in his line of best-selling and acclaimed adult coloring books – The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces, this week, via IDW Comics/Penguin. Releasing tomorrow April 11th, 2023, Robert’s books have delighted fans of all ages and become a phenomenon in the genre. The latest book is a homage to world-renowned classical art masterpieces, with a hellish twist in Robert’s central character – Ghouliana! Pre-order the book at the link below!


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Alan comments: 

“This book is my way of making up for all of the art history classes I slept through at The School of Visual Arts,” laughs Beauty of Horror creator Alan Robert. “But seriously, it’s an absolute blast for me to interpret the iconic work of the masters by adding my horrific spin to them. Although, I’m sure they’re rolling in their graves. I tackle every illustration with a mischievous, tongue-in-cheek sensibility, and I make sure that the humor is just as important as the horror.”


Catch up on our past interviews with Alan discussing his books, including at New York Comi Con: 




Great works of art have survived the test of time, but will they survive that is  Ghouliana’s wrath? The latest edition of IDW’s hit coloring book series The Beauty of Horror aims to answer that very question. Bestselling creator Alan Robert of the popular rock band Life of Agony returns to let his undead superstar loose upon the halls of the art museum. The result is a GORE-geous reimagining of the world’s most famous masterpieces. The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces is filled with over 80 pages of intricate hand-drawn designs, striking a perfect balance of horror and comedy to light that creative spark. However, before you pick your palette, be on the hunt for all the lost, historic items Ghouliana has dropped along the way, such as Van Gogh’s Ear, Venus Di Milo’s arms, Renoir’s Pipe, Warhol’s wig, Salvador Dali’s mustache, and more!



The Beauty of Horror 6: Famous Monsterpieces Coloring Book


by Alan Robert


ISBN 978-1-68405-922-5


$16.99 US / $22.99 CAN


88-pages, black-and-white square-bound softcover, 10” x 10″


On-Sale: April 11, 2023




With the exciting new Beauty of Horror developments outlined above, now’s the perfect time to experience what GQ calls “an extraordinary collection of deeply unsettling images,” and The Wall Street Journal calls “scary fun!”




“The continued success of The Beauty of Horror coloring books shows that this is bigger than a trend,” says IDW editor Alonzo Simon. “Alan has connected with like-minded horror buffs who appreciate the amazing art, humor, and overall fun of the series.”


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About Alan Robert


Internationally renowned musician and graphic novelist, Alan Robert is the creator of several critically-acclaimed works: Wire Hangers, Crawl to Me, Killogy, and of The Beauty of Horror, a bestselling series of horror-themed adult coloring books. Robert has traversed the globe as the bassist/songwriter for seminal rock group Life of Agony for over three decades. A Brooklyn native, Alan’s journey as a comic book creator began at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he attended on a scholarship and studied cartooning under legendary Thor comic writer/artist Walter Simonson.








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