ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist: Live at Abbey Road 

Last year, UK metalcore masters Architects showed a new side of their souls with their ninth album For Those That Wish To Exist (Epitaph Records). Now with their performance at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, each song shines in its full potential for a historic mark in the band’s career. 

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ALBUM REVIEW: Architects – For Those That Wish To Exist

Please indulge me for one moment. I am not usually one for breaking the fourth wall when reviewing an album but bear with…. Back in 2004, I had a polar response to two albums in a way that encapsulates a particular dichotomy that fans (and bands) often find themselves caught up in that has stuck with me as a point of reflection ever since. To change, or not to change, that is the question… I remember the unshakeable feeling of disappointment at just how much Slipknot had changed their sound and attack on Vol III: The Subliminal Verses compared to Iowa (both Roadrunner), and the same deep sigh of discontent that Soil hadn’t changed enough (or at all, with Redefine, J Records).Continue reading

Architects: Live at Wembley Arena, London

And so, to Architects at Wembley Arena. You start off with one of those angel/devil on your shoulder conversations about how this could be a really great way to spend a Saturday night or, conversely, rather like Roger Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon, you find yourself wondering whether you really are getting too old for this shit; a feeling that seems to continue as you take the tube northbound, past semi-frozen shoppers heading to warm homes and warm food, to the glorified cattle shed that is the SSE Arena, or Wembley Arena, as most of us still know (if not love) it.Continue reading

Architects Discuss Tom Searle’s Impact On “Holy Hell”

In a new interview with, Dan Searle of Architects talks about his late twin brother Tom’s impact on the upcoming new album, Holy Hell, due out tomorrow via Epitaph Records. I initially didn’t want to use any of it out of some insecurity that it would look like we needed Tom’s scraps to sustain the band. But that was a daft perspective, I realise, and actually it was really quite a beautiful thing that we were able to take that material and merge it with the rest of our ideas.” The article goes on to discuss how the band picked up the pieces after Tom passed, the grieving process and the future. Continue reading

Architects – Holy Hell

It’s that gap between hope and expectation that we often fall through. Let’s be honest, your hope levels for Architects’ new album Holy Hell (Epitaph) might be stratospheric, but your expectations…? Given what this band has been through in terms of loss, sorrow and anguish, you could easily have fallen into that space of hoping for the best but guarding your expectations. It might be enough just that they simply deliver us something, anything, yes?Continue reading

Architects Release Short Film “Holy Ghost”, New Album Coming Soon

As previously announced, Architects are releasing their highly anticipated new album Holy Hell on November 9th via Epitaph Records. The band has released a new documentary film directed by Tom Welsh, Holy Ghost, and is a tribute to late guitarist and co-founder for Tom Searle. Watch it now. Continue reading

Architects Announces New Album “Holy Hell”, New Video And Single Out Now

One of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2018, Architects will release their new full-length Holy Hell, on November 9th on Epitaph Records. They also issued a new single and a music video which was directed by Jeb Hardwick. for ‘Hereafter’. Watch it below. The band also announced a headline tour of Europe and the UK, with tickets going on sale later this week!Continue reading

Architects Premiere “Doomsday” Video

Architects surprised fans everywhere today as they unveiled a brand new video online. The new ‘Doomsday’ single was originally started by the group’s late guitarist, Tom Searle, who passed away from cancer last year (details). Continue reading