CONCERT REVIEW: Baroness – Live at Saint Vitus Bar

It’s a strange time to be a touring band. Faced with these difficult COVID-related circumstances, Baroness did what they do best. They chose to get creative with it. Instead of a traditional tour, the four piece embarked on the “Your Baroness – An Intimate Evening With Baroness” tour. Having seen Baroness perform at the 2,500 capacity Starland Ballroom and the 3,000 cap Terminal 5 on their 2019 trek with Deafheaven and Zeal and Ardor, getting the opportunity to see them at my second home, the 250 capacity Saint Vitus, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Also intriguing was that the show was an all-request set voted on by the attendees of each performance. This meant we could potentially hear songs they haven’t played in years or possibly ever. What a neat idea! As a fan I was super stoked by the idea and was eager to see what my fellow Baroness acolytes would choose to hear.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Baroness – Gold & Grey

Baroness is back with a new album, and once again it is one of the centerpieces of the release schedule for this year. Still, a band that does things on their own terms, in a DIY punk rock way, but still creating heady music for music lovers by music lovers. Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns) is an album that arrives with a justified glow of hype, especially following Purple. The former album is actually the standard Ghost Cult uses in our grading system as “perfect”, in case you had been wondering about what kind of esteem we hold this band. Continue reading

Baroness Teases Potential New Album News

Baroness has been working on their new album, due later this year via their label, Abraxan Hymns. The band has been teasing some possible news via Instagram where they have been posting their classic albums Red, BlueYellow & Green; with the corresponding Pantone Colors in the text area. We speculated that the next album in the series would be “Orange” following the classic color wheel “ROYGBIV” since the only two colors left (they already have an album for Violet or Purple) would be Orange or Indigo, which can be a shade of blue or purple. We don’t really mind whatever they want to call the album, we’re just excited for some new Baroness music! The band kicks off their co-headline tour soon with Deafheaven.  and Zeal and Ardor.Continue reading