Decline Of The I Streaming Rebellion In Entirety

AK of Decline Of The I

AK of Decline Of The I

Experimental post black metallers Decline Of The I is streaming their new album Rebellion, out February 27, 2015 in Europe and March 10, 2015 in North America via Agonia Records, here.

decline of the i rebellion

01.Lower degree of God’s might
03.Le rouge, le vide et le tordu
04.The end of prostration
05.Pieces of a drowned motion
06.Deus Sive Musica
07.On est bien peu de chose

Rebellion was recorded in Studio de Chine with Khatchik Hovikian (L’odeur du Tchaman), while Xort (Seth, Alcest, Vorkreist, Anorexia Nervosa) took care of the mastering. Layout and artwork were created by the French photographer and filmmaker David Fitt (Aosoth, Secrets of the Moon, Svart Crown). Rebellion includes guest appearance by Olivier from Eros Necrospique.

The band is led by the multi-instrumentalist A.K. who has been active in the metal scene for over 15 years and played in bands such as Vorkreist, Merrimack, Neo Inferno 262, Malhkebre and Diapsiquir. The project is his “personal approach on dark music”. He’s accompanied by musicians of Merrimack, Anus Mundi, Temple of Baal, Eibon and Drowning fame.

The concept of band is inspired by the works of the biologist Henri Laborit.

A.K. – guitars, keyboards, programming, samples, bass, vocals, drums
S. – drums
V. – vocals
G. – vocals

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