Queensryche – Queensryche

Queensryche-QueensrycheThese are confusing times for any Queensryche fan. Former QR singer Geoff Tate uses the name for his merry gang of hired guns and the remaining members recruited a new singer and decided to continue under, you guessed it, Queensryche. It’s a classical case of will the real QR please stand up…

All jokes aside, the new self titled album by Scott Rockenfield and Co is a true return to form. Granted, it may not be an instant classic like Operation: Mindcrime or Empire, but it comes pretty close. All the things you once loved about the band are there in abundance. The signature double guitar lines are back, cemented with the meticulous drumming by Rockenfeld and the articulate bass lines by Eddie Jackson. The biggest revelation is singer Todd La Torre, who really sounds like Geoff Tate in his prime.

The songmaterial itself is top-notch. Tracks like ‘Spore’, ‘Redemption’ and ‘Vindication’ are just as eloquent as ‘I Don’t Believe In Love’, ‘The Needle Lies’ and ‘Jet City Woman’. The only minor complaint I have is the relatively short length of the album. But then again, I’d rather have a short album with quality songs, than anything from Dedicated To Chaos, Operation: Mindcrime II or Q2K, which are basically Geoff Tate solo records with outside songwriters.

In short, the new Queensryche album sounds like a genuine group effort, instead of a glorified solo release from a singer who can’t keep his ego in check. Welcome back, gentlemen.


Raymond Westland

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